1. Great video.Something tells me this is going to be a really popular program
    in 2013.

  2. This program works to combine both the physical and mental aspects of the
    body so as to facilitate faster results.


  4. This is a fantastic book and Dr Charles is an outstanding weight loss
    coach.If you have ever struggled with erratic weight gain, inability to
    stay on track, no willpower, then this book is for you.I suffer from
    depression and very low self-esteem and this book helped me tremendously.

  5. I would recommend this book to anyone who feels lost in the weightloss
    game. People keep asking me what my secret is and now I can send them to
    the book! Everything I have learned in my own experience over the last year
    of weightloss has been captured perfectly in this book. Thank you Dr
    Charles! for saving my life and giving me back my energy and health.

  6. Very interesting video thank you for posting.

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