1. First comment 

  2. Cool!

  3. Thanks!

  4. Love this channel 

  5. I cant see it might be my computer

  6. The screen is just black. Maybe you should try re-uploading, it I would say
    it would work then :)

  7. it was all black

  8. 19 comment!

  9. why is the screen black

  10. Luv this vid Megan and Cierra and I’m planning to do it everyday day
    starting well maybe today or tmrw thank u for the tips so much luv u guys.
    P.S. I’m one of ur subers

  11. Love the intro!

  12. MineCraftBeautyQueen

    I’m getting braces in a week

  13. Wow! I love your new intro!

  14. My screen was fine 

  15. Noticed the brads right away

  16. GymnasticsGirl Forever

    I getting my braces soon

  17. I am on my tablet, maybe it’s for portable devices only.

  18. can you guys please do a video were you get all of your sport clothes and
    you show us where you got them!! and your video ROCKED!!


  20. Mine wasn’t black…

  21. thanks for the video

  22. I noticed the braces before u pointed it out

  23. Don’t worry it’s hard to talk with that awful things
    I have too

  24. Thank you I am a gymnast too and looking for a good but eay work out wish I
    could join your channel I even tried out for seven gymnastics girls but
    didnt make the cut ….if u are looking for more I am always here but that
    probably wont happen but thx

  25. They look older with braces.

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