1. 180 on the personality of today

  2. Use a regular mason jar

  3. GloriousSongContest

    For anyone wanting thoose cups there called Vortex Mixer Bottles :)

  4. you were also born with a desirable body type… I call these people “the
    Lucky Ones” because the only thing you have to worry about is definition.
    your body naturally doesn’t store fat. Unlike some of us…

  5. I don’t like going to the gym with all the picking up and putting down guys
    so i workout at home or just run outside. For Homeworkouts you should check
    out keaira lashaes’ superherofitnesstv channel. I always do her dancing
    workouts it’s really fun;)

  6. You actually seem the opposite of happy throughout the entire video

  7. Girls should not have six packs, that is not sexy

  8. The last part…your six packs are awesome Jenna ;)

  9. anniemedicalmassage

    By far the best video of all yours. You look so healthy. Vegan for the win

  10. Those three teas do come from the same plant, but they are processed
    differently and have different characteristics; other teas like ginger,
    roobios, or chamomile obviously differ even more.

  11. So basically I noticed you kind of follow the same diet that Carrie
    Underwood (country singer) follows. She follows mostly a Vegan diet but if
    she wants something non-vegan she’ll just have it. This was a good video,
    and I am thinking of one day going Vegan…vegetarian right now.

  12. U look so pretty in this video !!!

  13. HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training. Good stuff! I could NEVER go vegan
    though. Oy. 

  14. OMG I’m a vegan too! (With occasinal cheat days) It makes me feel so good.
    BTW if you love ceaser salad there is a delicious vegan substitute. Look it

  15. Thanks for your advice :)

  16. What dressing do you put on the salad?

  17. what’s the name of the cookbook??

  18. I wonder if you give up soda…like how much will it affect your body…I’m
    trying to get a little healthier but my lifestyle and what family eats
    really affects my diet…and there’s no way I can go vegan

  19. What is your blender called. It looks so much better than the big counter
    top ones! I know maybe a stupid question but inquiring mind wants to know 

  20. Love her hair colour. Some ash blondes through that. Lovely!

  21. my mom has that same lamp…

  22. The link for the blender doesn’t work anymore, does anywhere know where it

  23. christinaatthedisco

    Could you please post another link to the blender or just paste the name
    here so I can check it out!?!! The Amazon one says: “The product could not
    be found.” LOVE YOU in kind of an inappropriate way so yeah.

  24. “animal freak, which is fine if you are” YES I AM <3 <3

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