Qmatic and GMT Announce New Partnership to Improve the Customer Experience in the Branch


world leader in Customer Flow Management (CFM), and GMT

Corporation, a global industry leader in enterprise workforce

management and performance optimization, today announced a partnership

that will provide a holistic view of service delivery and efficiency in

face-to-face service environments. This partnership will improve the

customer experience in bank branches, hospitals, retail outlets and

governmental departments that provide face-to-face service.

No more rear-view-mirror approach

Historically, improving branch service effectiveness was largely a

rear-view mirror exercise, analyzing prior events in an attempt to

improve future service delivery. Store staffing was an exercise largely

based on the number of transactions conducted and not necessarily

grounded in the actual number of visitors to a branch. Customers who

waited in a queue longer than they desired would sometimes abandon the

queue, which meant the total number of visitors to a branch – as opposed

to those who remained to conduct a transaction – were not factored into

the branch’s capacity model or staffing plan. The result is underserved

customers, poor customer service and declining customer satisfaction.

The innovative combination of Qmatic’s Customer

Flow Management and GMT’s workforce

optimization solutions will provide organizations with real time

visibility into branch office efficiency, including staffing, queue wait

times and branch traffic. This will enable organizations to make rapid

adjustments to ensure its sales and service targets are consistently

met. The result is improved branch sales and service performance and

superior customer service.

“The partnership with GMT offers new opportunities as well as better

service for our clients and their customers. CFM enables branch managers

to meet centrally set targets with regards to waiting times and service

times. The joint offering with GMT takes CFM to new levels. It will

enable our clients to better optimize and utilize their personnel

resources, whilst having a complete and holistic overview of their

service situation throughout a whole network of branches

simultaneously,” said Michael Hallén, Chief Executive Officer of Qmatic


Direct effect on the bottom line

“The quality and effectiveness of branch service delivery is directly

proportional to the number of skilled staff available to meet the

expected customer demand in the branch,” explained Simon Angove, Chief

Executive Officer of GMT. “GMT’s partnership with Qmatic is a new

approach that delivers real time service intelligence to branch and

regional managers to help them provide better service to their customers

when it’s needed most. The result is a more effective store operation

and more satisfied customers. For example, in today’s intensely

competitive banking market, satisfied customers have a direct effect on

the bottom line.”

About Qmatic

Qmatic is the inventor of Customer Flow Management (CFM) and is

also the world’s largest queue management company. CFM is a methodology

for managing customer flow and experience from initial contact through

service delivery. Qmatic operates in 122 countries and has 51,800

installations worldwide in the finance, retail, travel, healthcare and

public sectors. A Qmatic system is used, somewhere in the world, 1.8

billion times every year. That equals more than a quarter of the world’s

population passing through a Qmatic system each year. Qmatic’s systems

and the CFM methodology help organisations meet centrally set targets,

increase productivity and overall efficiency as well as improving

customer and staff experiences.

For more information, please visit www.qmatic.com.

About GMT

GMT Corp. is a leading provider of workforce management and

performance optimization solutions enabling companies to improve

customer service and sales while decreasing labor expenses. Deployed

in contact centers, branch offices or back office departments, GMT’s

products combine precision forecasting and intelligent scheduling with

analytics and performance management tools to deliver a rapid

return-on-investment. Products include GMT Planet®,

its flagship workforce optimization solution; GMT On-Demand™, its SaaS

workforce optimization solution; and SureServices, an award-winning

client care methodology. Financial institutions benefitting from GMT’s

solutions include BB&T,


Carolina Bank and Trust, Elevations

Credit Union, American

Eagle Federal Credit Union, Mechanics

Bank and Bank

of the West. The company is privately-held with

headquarters in Atlanta and offices in the U.K. and Australia.

For more information, visit www.gmt.com.

Follow GMT on Twitter: www.twitter.com/gmtcorporation.

For a complete listing of GMT news, please visit http://www.gmt.com/news-main.

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