1. the girl in white shirt. hahahaa. i mean the guy. 🙂

  2. Phước Hoàng

    haha great moves :3 love it <3

  3. hella tall, yo. when you meet him it’s the first thing you notice, ha ha

  4. سندريلا مصر


  5. Jeorge Thompson


  6. Me too..

  7. Loving the little dude in front!

  8. cool

  9. Maria Fernanda Pereira de Carvalho Coutinho

    how tall is that dude with the yellow shorts?

  10. like the song and the dance

  11. Yellow UFO pants?????

  12. aleksandra popovic

    his face looool 😀

  13. Great job!

  14. Excellent routine!!! Can’t wait to teach this in class!! They’re gonna love
    it. Well Done 🙂

  15. Whew that was a work out,

  16. It’s easy *O*

  17. correct. its not a dance class. it is a fitness class. 🙂

  18. its great

  19. Hi, i from russia. to be pleasant to me your video. excellent dance. I
    thank all who I took part in this video

  20. at :31 and at 1:23, CrazySock is incorporating squat moves….and
    variations of that. Squats are excellent for glutes, thighs, hip flexors,
    and to some degree hamstrings. You can also do (after warming up) just
    plain ‘ol squats….make sure your knees stay behind or aligned with your
    toes to prevent knee injury.

  21. the only thing i could see the entire video was just how into it the guy in
    the white shirt was!! it was awesome!!! 🙂

  22. pableke Almonacid

    buenísimo!!!!! compadre , saludos

  23. Woooo que divertida tu clase :D! intentare bailarla en casa :33!

  24. the kid at the front is so cute like it

  25. I’m so jazzed about this routine. The instruct is awesome for being a tall
    individual. He’s a great inspiration… Wonderful fitness class! Keep up
    the excellent class.

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