PRO Compression, Designer of Athletic Compression Socks, Discusses Post-Workout Recovery

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) April 26, 2013

On April 26, PRO Compression comments on a Washington Post article that discusses the best way to manage the post-workout recovery process.

In an article published in the Washington Post, two local practitioners discuss methods for recovering from a hard workout. Robert Gillanders, a physical therapist and a spokesman for the American Physical Therapy Association, says, “I generally recommend movement, compression and elevation. This could come through a structured cool-down after the workout that includes active stretching. It could come through wrapping a painful or swollen area with compression garments.”

Steve Hays, the track and cross-country coach for Whitman High School in Bethesda, Maryland and an avid marathon runner, believes using both ice and heat are vital for post-workout recovery. “I normally tell my athletes to use both ice and heat — two cycles of 10 minutes of ice, alternated with two cycles of 10 minutes of heat. Ice slows blood flow and heat has the opposite effect, increasing blood flow. The increase in blood flow helps to flush out the byproducts created by the workout, and the ice helps to reduce inflammation.”

Research has shown that wearing compression gear can aid in shortening one’s recovery time by increasing blood flow in pressure areas, according to the article.

Eric Smith, CEO of PRO Compression, designer of compression socks, elaborates on the importance of including compression in one’s routine, especially after a hard workout. “Use of compression gear after a hard workout is vital to recovery. The increased blood flow resulting from the compression will in fact lessen your recovery time, making it easier to continue with training while avoiding injury.”

At PRO Compression we’ve created high-quality, graduated compressions socks tailor-made for the weekend runner and elite athlete. Unlike countless gimmicks that claim to improve your performance, with PRO Compression socks, the instant, positive improvement isn’t an empty promise – it’s purely scientific.


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