1. And that big bag of food kept warm buy is stinkin ball sack? hope cell
    mates dont share.

  2. he wont be getin is tokens no more. fuckin bird brain wonder why he in

  3. 8:30 to 8:37 lol lmfao

  4. the new gym , you want to join? commit a crime…FREE MENBERSHIP.

  5. that food is better than eating food out of a garbage which most of them
    gett i’d eat it bring it on they sould be lucky think of the alcatraz food
    at the time it opened hard tac and water

  6. Is it just me or would anyone else here sodomize those 3 sexy female
    prisoners in the tent?

  7. Man that food don’t look that bad. Shit they got fuckin colligreens &
    spagetti in that bitch id be gettin full as fuck.

    just put a tad of ramen flavor package on top & mix for salt substitute i

    Ehhhh fuck that.

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