Prenatal Vitamins & Hair Growth

by Holly Burton
(Denver, Colorado, USA)

If you’ve been looking to grow your hair for whatever reason, you’ve probably come across the debate regarding prenatal vitamins / hair growth. The question is, which side of the debate is really true?

Can prenatal vitamins really make our hair grow faster, or is that simply a factor we cannot change?

The Argument for Prenatal Vitamins / Hair Growth

The argument for the use of prenatal vitamins as a way of stimulating hair growth starts with the anecdotal evidence of pregnant women finding their hair growing faster.

The link was made between the use of prenatal vitamins and the rate of hair growth, and the debate has been going on ever since.

Many women are convinced that their hair growth rate increased once they started taking these vitamins. One of the main ingredients of these prenatal vitamins that is believed to help our hair is folic acid.

Folic acid plays an important role in the way our body formulates new cells, and it’s believed that it’s this ingredient that causes our hair to become thicker, healthier, and to grow at a faster rate.

The Argument Against Prenatal Vitamins/ Hair Growth

Our hair typically grows at the rate of around half an inch each month. This, of course, is an average figure, and there are a number of factors which can affect the hair growth rate of each individual.

Some of us may have slow-growing hair due to genetics, some of us may have a lack of protein in the diet which causes our hair to become thin and weak.

Though anecdotal evidence suggests that many women have had success when taking prenatal vitamins, many people claim that this is simply a perceived increase in our hair growth rate.

That is, the hair isn’t actually growing faster, but it’s breaking less, becoming thicker, and therefore looks as though it’s growing.

If this is the case, then there would still be a strong argument for using these vitamins.

The other argument is that the vitamins may seemingly be responsible, but it’s really other lifestyle changes that have changed the growth rate.

This could be starting to drink more water, eating a balanced diet, getting enough exercise and generally becoming more healthy.


There are no conclusive studies that prove the prenatal vitamins/ hair growth link. However, many people swear by these vitamins and take them religiously.

All in all, it seems as though it could be worthwhile giving it a go. However, you should always choose your vitamins carefully, bearing in mind that, if you aren’t pregnant, you aren’t going to need all the vitamins that pregnant women do.

The safest option is simply to choose a formulation that’s been specifically developed for hair (or hair and nail combinations).

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Updated: October 30, 2012 — 11:45 pm

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