Practical Advice on How to Build Your Self Confidence!

How to build self confidenceBuilding self confidence is important for our own happiness and self esteem . When we are feeling confident we are happier – we get on with other people better – achieve more and just about everything we do turns out better

But why do we limit ourselves?

One thing that can hold us back from even trying to achieve our dreams is the fear of failure, learning how to build self confidence is what we need to overcome that fear.

Facing your biggest fear – although very scary – can be life changing!

Working on your self confidence and self esteem will help you to overcome your fears and empower you to go for your dreams!

We may at a subconscious level, still believe things that other people might have said about us at a young

Maybe might believe that we are not quite good enough or It may be ingrained in us that we will never amount to much or that we are a bad person.

If we hold on to these damaging beliefs about ourselves, they shape the way we feel about ourselves and how we view the world.

It’s the thoughts that we have that create our life experiences like a self fulfilling prophesy – That’s how life works!.

If you expect something to go wrong – It will!.

If you think you won’t get the job/ partner etc – you won’t!, or if you inwardly don’t think you deserve much out of life – you can be sure you that won’t get much out of life!.

“If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can’t, you’re right” – Henry Ford

Act as If!….A good starting point when you’re learning how to build self confidence is by becoming conscious of your inner voice, listening for any negative thoughts and beliefs that come in to your head and making a point of reversing into their complete opposite in your mind as soon as they come up!.

Example “It’ll never work out, it’ll always be the same” into….I WILL make this work and I TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY for making this happen!.

See how powerful the last statement feels! and how weak the first one makes you feel!

Always expect the best in any situation!….Think that you will get the job etc because you are good enough! and that you deserve all the good things that life has to offer!

Identifying limiting beliefs about ourselves is crucial because we then start to realize they weren’t true anyway! and we can begin to replace limiting thoughts with ones that support us and help us grow. This is a crucial stage whilst learning how to build self confidence.

It’s in our own hands!….Self confidence is not something some people are born with and others are not! although it may seem like that sometimes! self confidence can be learned and cultivated by us in our own minds and is not dependent on the ‘right circumstances’ being present.

Where we are now is a result of all our past experiences so now’s the time to change where we are going in the future by new positive thoughts about ourselves – followed by actions and deeds.

Never compare yourself to others – we are all unique!.

If we do have a lack of confidence or low self-esteem this alone can cause us to fail or feel bad about ourselves and can prevent us from revealing our real potential.

You are the powerhouse to change your own life!.

Self acceptance, self approval and self praise are what we need to give ourselves every single day!.

Never rely on other people for approval! – It’s funny have you ever noticed when you are not feeling confident and want someone else’s approval – you never get it!.

Yet when you are feeling confident – you get loads of approval from others that you actually don’t really need!.

What you give out you get back!….

Learning how to build self confidence and self belief – give us an inner strength so we naturally become more positive and optimistic self confidence helps us perform better at work and enables to us build more fulfilling relationships with others – because we feel better about ourselves

If we respect ourselves – and the lives of others – we will attract respect back from other people!.

If we are true to ourselves – we don’t have to worry what anyone else thinks – because we believe in ourselves! we become happier and more fulfilled as we learn how to build self confidence.

Check out this great selection of quotes on confidence from movie stars, politicians and famous authors.

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