1. jedním slovem KRÁSA 🙂

  2. i love her…

  3. Thank you.

  4. She’s awesome! I love her smile at 2:04

  5. whats the song at 0:29 ?

  6. she is drop dead gorgeous at 0:9 !!!!!!!!!!! just look at her!!

  7. Yvonne Maria Rørvik

    I do P90X too, its great!!

  8. EmoCrazyification

    she is AMAZING!

  9. That cool p!nk, i do p90x too…

  10. What is the song she sings alone too while doing her make up????

  11. what ong is she listening to at 34?

  12. cannabisbisbisbisbis

    i wanna put my schlong in her va-schlong

  13. @gunjagodess it sounds to me like aerosmith.maybe “crazy”.i don’t realy
    know and i can be wrong.

  14. omg i’m in love, she is so smart and funny and beautiful and all…this is
    how we all should be!!!! i ♥ pink!! much love!

  15. pink is a legend!

  16. God i love her

  17. @wineandbath thank you, i never would have found it with out your help! 🙂
    good song too!

  18. what´s the song at 0:30?

  19. @1701Crazy Paolo Nutini – No other way

  20. she listens to Paolo Nutini…. i love her even more now!

  21. @utoobeboi before she said something about food or eating, she said, that
    she is a walking contradiction. So she eats tofu and all this stuff and
    next day she “orders Pizza”… I think I got it like this xD

  22. Carey is a lucky man, she’s intelligent and beautiful, I especially like
    what she said about happiness.

  23. WOW , We all love pink so <3 .

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