1. Rip Esselstyn’s TED talk: defeating the chronic disease dragon(s) with
    plant based nutrition Nov. 2012: Plant-strong & healthy living: Rip
    Esselstyn at TEDxFremont!

  2. Green Vegetarian Cuisine

    Listen to Rip Esselstyn’s TED talk: defeating the chronic disease dragon(s)
    with plant based nutrition Nov. 2012. This is one of the best talks I’ve
    heard on this topic. If I were a manly man, I’d be totally convinced to
    give up my bacon and my cheese.

  3. I saw Rip Esselstyn first at the Forks Over Knives documentary, he is the
    son of Doctor Esselstyn, he became a firefighter and he’s a vegan, check
    out his TED Talk, his motto is: Real Men Eat Plants! And watch almost at
    the end the awesome dishes the Austin firefighters were eating with him!

  4. Slay the 5 headed dragon! Healthcare cost will go down dramatically as
    more and more Americans learn the secrets of eating well.

  5. Why do scientifically illiterate people – like this guy – get promoted by

  6. Oh, and my blood work is awesome. As is my body fat% and my ability to
    fight off disease and ignorance.

  7. What science are you basing these claims on? ‘WHEAT is not a food it is a
    GMO disaster’ ‘cholesterol in free range eggs is not dangerous cholesterol’
    That you need a diet of 30% protein. Keep in mind Rip is a Whole Foods
    Plant Based Vegan. Strong emphasis on whole foods. Your body can make all
    the cholesterol it needs from this diet, without ever eating any. Dietary
    cholesterol is always potentially atherogenic, even from farm raised hens
    and grass fed cows slaughtered by loving farmers.

  8. Other than feeling 200% better. Less joint pain. No more IBS. And I eat a
    lot of vegetables. A little fruit, nuts and seeds and some eggs and meat. I
    have experimented with my own macros and even flirted with vegetarianism
    and I’ve felt and performed the best on my current nutrition.

  9. Gmo wheat though is toxic. Research it yourself. You’ll find it interesting.

  10. Can you please be more exact.

  11. From my understanding though, GMO wheat has not been allowed on to the
    Market yet. So from what i know, Commercial bread wheat is not GMO.

  12. Because what he is saying is backed up by science. His father is a
    cardiologist and showed that heart disease could be reversed through diet.
    We don’t have to be complete vegans, but cutting back on meat and dairy and
    eating more plant foods is the way to go for excellent health.

  13. Dr. Dean Ornish allows skim milk and egg whites on his diet.

  14. Awesome Tedx by Rip from Forks over Knives.

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  16. bought his fathers book and the china study. will read them both and take
    notes of each and follow the plan. i wish some people in my life had more
    acknowledgement of eating healthy. all well, maybe if i show them by
    example, they will open their eyes up.

    i always wondered how healthy looking people get cancer and die from heart
    disease, etc. and then i go to the grocery store and they buy all kinds of
    unhealthy crap.

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  18. OMG! those pictures and names look AMAZING!! i would live to try them out
    and put them in my vegan diet 😉 where can i get them?

  19. Give me those recipes for that good looking food

  20. Are you making these costly mistakes in your weight loss regimen? Copy and
    Paste into Google Fat Blast Factor to find out.

  21. I may be new to this, but saying your body doesn’t need protein, and then
    calling it “problematic animal protein”, doesn’t necessarily make it so.
    I’m not the end all be all, so I don’t claim to have all the answers. But I
    don’t know many dietitians who preach against all forms of protein.

  22. Yep, Rip is truly an inspiration. Sadly humans are impervious to reason.
    How is it that Pythagoras was preaching this in the 6th Century BC, and
    here we are having to ask ourselves why it’s unnatural to suckle on cow’s
    milk as adults – and indeed, why we drink another animal’s milk at all?
    That’s weird! It’s also unethical. Veganism is not a fad, nor fraud – it’s
    simply the right and natural way to live and evolve.

  23. awesome, I’m going out to the lawn for some grazing.

  24. great healthy habits!

  25. A great video outlining the benefits of going with a plant based diet.
    There’s no reason to not enjoy feel good and benefit for the long term from
    what you eat and plants do exactly that! I’m vegetarian myself and working
    on vegan slowly! Its hard but gotta start somewhere!! Enjoy

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