1. Hahaha u sers

  2. Lol at the ‘Judgement Free Zone’ banner, this gym’s a fucking joke.

  3. Just brilliant 🙂
    love how he butchered the smith machine as well!

  4. best video i have seen in a long time!!! 

  5. You can’t make noise, but dude can spew obscenities at you while working

  6. That ain’t a gym

  7. Can’t set records in planet fitness

  8. Lol guy thought they had coke.. what is this.. chalk lol too funny

  9. Wow,i’ve heard jokes about planet fitness but i didnt think they were real
    until now. That is not a gym.

  10. Fuck that gym lol

  11. Damn lol! I went to planet fitness 1 time n the next day I canceled the
    membership cause they expect u to rush through the workouts n people
    waiting n watching u. I told them they ain’t have enough weights for me
    that’s y im canceling. Funny this is is there Damn gym manager comes to my
    gym to workout 

  12. Replayed this like 10 times LOOOOl!!

  13. Fucking Mirin!

  14. more like Planet Fucking Pussy! Lame

  15. Lmao. 

  16. Lol, ” you can’t be maxing out reps here.”

  17. Ha planet fitness judgement free zone. Yet judges bodybuilders

  18. That worker takes his job too seriously. 

  19. I love this guy who works there xD GTFO

  20. I am dying lol

  21. Георги Кръстев

    Lol fuck that stupid fitness and their homo rules . WE TRAIN HOWEVER THE

  22. Have respect for others

  23. To legit, to quit

  24. Fake ass worker don’t even lift wack.. This is hilarious though u crazy..

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