Pilates Instruction Comes of Age with Pilates Interactive™

Costa Mesa, CA (PRWEB) November 4, 2009

BASI Pilates™, the internationally recognized leader in Pilates education, today announced the launch of Pilates Interactive™, the world's first online instructional tool for Pilates instructors and studio managers. Combining over 300 exercise videos, cued by renowned Pilates master Rael Isacowitz, with workouts, sophisticated filtering and the interactivity of the Internet, Pilates Interactive™ is an indispensable resource for all Pilates professionals.

Pilates Interactive™ is available in two packages: the Pro package for independent professionals requiring an instantly available archive of the full Pilates repertoire, and the Studio package for Pilates studio operators. The latter allows the creation of an unlimited number of customized workouts and provides a calendar for logging the workout sessions of individual students.

Pilates teachers who have used the beta version of Pilates Interactive™ have given it rave reviews. “This tool is fantastic!” said Rosanne Hynes. “The best investment in training and continuing education a student can make.” Nancy Frommholz said that it “has been an invaluable source for learning, refreshing and teaching over 300 Pilates movements. I don't want to live without it.”

Pilates Style magazine said Pilates Interactive™ “breaks new ground in Pilates education.”

Drawing on over 30 years of intensive study and experience by one of the world's leading Pilates exponents, Pilates Interactive™ is a unique and essential addition to any training portfolio. It provides in-depth information about exercise set-up, principles, muscle focus and cuing and each exercise in the video library is cross-categorized according to level of difficulty, muscle focus, apparatus and the BASI Pilates™ block classification.

Both packages are available to subscribers online wherever there is an Internet connection. No installation on the PC is required.

For more information please visit the BASI Pilates™ Web site.

About BASI Pilates™:

BASI Pilates™ (Body Arts and Science International™) was established in 1989 by world-renowned Pilates educator, Rael Isacowitz. Based in California, USA, BASI Pilates™ provides teacher training and advanced education in its host and affiliate studios around the world.

BASI Pilates™ is a true blending of the Art and Science of human movement, relating specifically to the works of Joseph H. Pilates. BASI Pilates™ honors and preserves the legacy of Joseph and Clara Pilates: presenting the original principles and repertoire (utilizing all the Pilates equipment), at the same time integrating contemporary scientific developments and evolution of the method.

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