1. Music on point!

  2. this guy is the legend of all legends.

  3. I think it’s “I like your shoes honey” she wants the D

  4. The old lady at end said…..”Like a cheeseburger”

  5. How did Blondie not notice the camera?

  6. i think that women said ” you like to choose , very good ! ”

  7. Lishavhana Mashamba

    Most girls might say they don’t find bald guys attractive, but actually
    bald men are ones who are self-conscious hence low confidence which is a
    huge turn-off for women. It is not your scalp it is your confidence!

    I am 28 and started balding at 20, I know what I am talking about. Balding
    is not an excuse!

  8. all respect to this guy

  9. “I like it she’s very pretty.”

  10. At least one person out here gotta agree with me that this man looks like
    the white version of kobe bryant haha

  11. He’s so smooth and seductive.

  12. 4:28! WTF? kkkk! 

  13. That is one smooth bald motherfucker

  14. People are easily impressed. The guy obviously rehearsed and prepared these
    pick ups in accordance to the theme of his videos. Granted the fact he
    approaches these women does take confidence but when you doing it for the
    camera it is that much easier. Finally the clip of him kissing the girl was
    agreed before being shot, it wasn’t done on a whim.

  15. Best pick up artist

  16. This guy is a absolute legend.

  17. I think this is fake, how come all girls are laughing and well accepting
    even before he tells anyting? There might be team of people behind this.

  18. that blonde girl is so fuckin hot.

  19. so many sweet girls ;x

  20. Damn.. For some reason I can’t turn the quality to HD. Missing out those
    healthy glutes.

  21. Old woman said “like a cheeseburger”

  22. Subconscious Sabotage

    Guys i understand why the old lady said ” Like a cheesburger”, she is from
    poland, it is a idiom used there describing bald men who can get
    comfortable with women very quickly, hence “Cheeseburger” he looks he bald,
    like the top of cheesburger. Thank you guys, Poland is great place, dont
    let her turn you off …

  23. “I like it, she’s very good” or “I like it, she’s worth it” but sure did
    sound “like a cheeseburger”

  24. Armen Ter-Oganesyan

    “I’d like a cheeseburger”

  25. “I like it. She’s worth it.”

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