1. Picking Up Girls At Healthy Living Expo

  2. this dude is epic!

  3. cristals are magical Lol
    good video man.. 

  4. STOP SMACKING when you fucking talk

  5. I take big clouds of smoke and do ghosts in public with my ecig idgaf lol

  6. whats the outro song

  7. This guy is a natural

  8. That’s a keeper right there

  9. this guy is smooth… damn.

  10. Man, this guy is GOOD, girls eat out of his hands. Nevertheless hard to
    believe that the kissing scene and the end wasnt staged…

  11. This is one of the best videos on JinkiesTv so far, congratulations!

  12. Those were some damn good pickup lines!

  13. This guy is smooth… And I’m not just talking about his shiny head

  14. don’t wanna sound stupid but i have a q about what the asian dude said. Is
    crystals really magic having?

  15. this fucking guy is my favorite

  16. Confidence is the key here 

  17. The girl at the end sexy

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  19. his confidence , holy shit

  20. How did last girl he kissed NOT notice the camera man 2 feet from them?

  21. cleeeeever

  22. can you pleasseeee post the uncut version of that blonde ones? or can you
    do the uncut versions of the kiss closes? would help a lot.

  23. Is that Joe Eigo at the end?

  24. 04:58

  25. Better than vitaly lol

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