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“Questions on dog health that you want answered ”
Pets health & nutrition article and healthy body ideal weight tips

BodyIdealWeightHealthArticle Beautiful body ideal weight web site natural pets health article about healthy body ideal weight healthy dog nutrition, training & exercise plans, lifestyle tips, free ebooks and new health articles resources for your pets lifetime fitness & healthy weight loss products which you may want healthy pet nutrition, dog & cat lifetime fitness & health tips for.

Is it normal for dogs to shed their hair?

Yes. Like people, it is normal that they shed hair everyday.

But of course, if you feel that your pet seems to be shedding an awful lot, you should try to contact your veterinarian and some consultation.

After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

What causes diarrhea in pets and how can I avoid this?

Diarrhea is almost always due to some food that they eat. It can be a case of food poisoning or allergy.

The condition may also be due to a virus that has strike. This could be distemper or parvo.

Whatever the reason why, it is important that you call your vet immediately as diarrhea can weaken your pet’s body.

healthy dog nutrition

Are there breeds that are just plain illness-prone?

Well, as much as it is painful to say… yes. There are certain breeds that are more susceptible to a specific kind of illness. Some may even be passed from the parents to the child. Hereditary cataract for instance often afflicts breeds such as Old English Sheepdogs, American Cocker Spaniel, and American Cocker Spaniel. Cataract may lead to permanent loss of vision if not taken cared of immediately.

Another illness that may be found in some breeds is the Collie eye anomaly, which, from the name itself, affects collies. Another is the hip dysplasia. This affects Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds. Chihuahuas, on the other hand are more prone to developing hydrocephalus while deafness is more prevalent in dogs that have white furs.

What are the signs of an inflammation in the ears or what is medically called otitis externa?

Dogs that are afflicted with this condition will constantly be shaking their heads as if they are trying to shake something out. Of course, you should also try to have it checked by the vet as this can also mean that there are ear mites or some foreign organisms near the ear that is causing the inflammation.

What are the symptoms of anemia in pets?

Anemic dogs may have very pale gums and their lips are colorless, sometimes even blue. You can also check their tongue as well as the inner lining of their eyelids for some sign of anemia. Pale color in these areas may indicate anemia.

Distemper is one of the most common illnesses in dogs. Is it true that only young dogs can get this disease?

No. It may seem like it as young dogs are more susceptible to this problem but older dogs can certainly catch the disease. Any dog, old or young can have distemper if they are not protected by vaccines.

What age is ideal for a dog to get his first vaccine?

It is good that you start the vaccination when they are six weeks old. This is the time when they lose the antibodies that they get from their moms. This means that after six weeks, they are left unprotected from diseases. The parvo vaccine on the other hand is often vaccinated at the eighth week. Of course, there are some vaccines that can be given as early as three weeks such as the bordetella vaccine. Rabies shots are often given when they have already gone past the three months mark.

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Contributed by David Exon, Nutritional Consultant, who has many more inspiring diet tips, diet blog, pet health articles and motivation resources on his healthy weight management website

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BodyIdealWeightPetsHealthArticle Get Optimal Health Products for your Pets Articles on healthy dog nutrition, training & exercise plans, lifestyle tips, free ebooks and new health articles resources for your pets lifetime fitness & healthy weight loss products which you may want healthy pet nutrition, dog & cat lifetime fitness & health tips for.


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