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Cat Health - " Got A Cat As A Pet ?"
Here’s How To Keep Them Healthy!

Healthy Body Ideal Weight Pet Health & Nutrition Article

BodyIdealWeightHealthArticle Beautiful body ideal weight web site natural cat health article about healthy body ideal weight healthy dog nutrition, training & exercise plans, lifestyle tips, free ebooks and new health articles resources for your pets lifetime fitness & healthy weight loss products which you may want healthy pet nutrition, dog & cat lifetime fitness & cat health tips.

Our pet cats are often as close to us as members of our family. In fact, they virtually are members of our family! That’s why cat owners should know as much as they can about cat health. Here are the major things to know about caring for your pet cat in a loving way:

GROOMING: Long-haired cats should be groomed regularly for optimum cat health. Use a pet brush and groom no less frequently than once a week.

DIET: Cat health is strongly affected by what your cat eats. Obesity is a major factor in heart disease particularly as your cat gets older. Choose a pet food for your cat that is right for it’s age but feed it regularly. Consistency is the key to a well-fed cat.

cat health - healthy pet nutrition OLDER CATS: Some diseases occur simply because your cat is getting older. These can be labeled elderly cat health problems. As cats age their kidneys and eyesight fail and they may need special diets.

LITTER: The litter box can be dangerous to both cat health and human health if it isn’t cleaned regularly. Change your pet’s litter no less than once every four days and keep a small dish of baking soda near the litter area.

SCRATCHING: Scratching is a major cat health concern because if a cat scratches regularly it is often a sign of other problems. If your cat is scratching a particular area often try a delousing product and then take your pet to the vet.

DECLAWING: Declawing your cat can be a major factor in cat health. If you choose to declaw your pet it is important to remember to keep them inside at all times.

BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS: Many cat health problems relate to difficult or uncommon behavior. Listlessness can be a symptom of depression. Strange aggression is sometimes caused by hormone imbalances.

STRESS: Your cat can easily get stressed out. Stressful situations like moving, travelling, natural disasters or even changes in the family can affect cat health. To minimize the effects of stress on your pet, buy a tranquilizer for distance traveling and have a place in your home where your cat can escape if there are busy changes in the house.

POISON: Make sure dangerous poisons like antifreeze cannot be reached by your pet. Some plants are fatal to cats so make sure to raise your plants and lock your toxins.

PARASITES: Parasites such as ringworms, heart worms and rabies can greatly affect cat health. Blood in a cat’s stool or uncommon appetite are common signs of parasites.

MOUTH: Cats often have mouth diseases and this can influence cat health. Cats are just as prone to gingivitis as humans. For problems like rodents ulcer or bad breath, brush your cat’s teeth with a small child’s toothbrush.

INDOORS/OUTDOORS: One of the greatest factors in determining cat health is whether your pet goes outdoors. Cars, children, other animals and toxins are all dangerous and should be avoided by keeping your cat indoors.

Taking care of your cat is critical to your cats health. Hopefully this article has provided you with information that will make your pet’s life much safer, healthier, happier and longer.

For further information or to get started on a program to suit your pet and your budget… “Optimal Health Products for your Pets”

About the Author: Michael Erder is the author of http://www.elitepetproducts.com a site completely dedicated to pets and pet products. Visit http://www.elitepetproducts.com and keep your pet happy and healthy!

BodyIdealWeightPetsHealthArticle Get Optimal Health Products for your Pets Articles on healthy dog nutrition, training & exercise plans, lifestyle tips, free ebooks and new health articles resources for your pets lifetime fitness & healthy weight loss products which you may want healthy pet nutrition, dog & cat lifetime fitness & health tips for.

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