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Dogs are sometimes considered a member of the family especially when the animal is taken on vacations and other activities with the family!.

The best way to ensure the pet is strong is by implementing some measures to reduce the chances of getting sick.

The person can get all the information and guidance from the veterinarian including choosing the right dog for the family.

The person might find the right dog at the pet shop. Some of the people in the neighborhood may also be selling or giving the pups away.

In some cases, a stray will follow the individual home and this is the beginning of the relationship.

There are a few things that person must pay attention to before getting a dog. If there are papers, the family line will be a strong indicator that this pet will not fall easily to disease. If this is a stray, this will also do as long as the tail wags and the eyes are bright.

The dog should be brought to the vet immediately for closer examination. The veterinarian will run some tests to make sure there are no parasites or viruses present and perhaps even administer a booster shot if necessary.

Booster shots especially for puppies usually happen over a period three months. During this time, the animal must be kept away from other dogs and other places. The best way will be to keep the dog on a leash to prevent the animal from running around or digging in the yard and eating something that could be harmful.

The owner must find some nice warm shelter such as bedding if the dog will stay inside the house and a kennel when the pet is left outdoors. The pet should also be given proper exercise by walking it in the morning and in the evening.

There are many food products around. The person can check with the veterinarian, which is the best that gives the right amount of nutrients. Proper nutrition may include giving the pet some multivitamins as long as these are recommended by the veterinarian. Providing pet health care for all dogs is of paramount importance to keep them fit & healthy.

The owner should just be careful not to feed the animal too much since obesity can also lead to other problems for the dog.

Aside from checking for any visible signs of problem with the dog, the person can do better by bringing the pet in for the regular examinations with the vet. Shots and other cleaning can be done once a year or every three years depending on the strength of the drug.

The dog should also be given a bath once a week. There are shampoos and soaps that are available in the supermarket, the clinic or at the pet shop. The person can try some brands and just replace it if the product isn’t that good as the others.

There are a lot of dogs that are not given proper pet health care in the United States. The person can have the pet spayed or neutered to control the animal population. These services are available at the clinic or in the animal shelter nearby the home.

Owning a dog is a big responsibility. The best way to make sure this pet will live for many years will be to provide some preventive health care. The person can read up or learn some things from the vet which will surely be useful.

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This pet health care article was kindly contributed by David Exon, Nutritional Consultant, who has donated many more inspiring diet tips, diet blog, pethealth articles and motivation resources to this healthy weight management website.

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