1. Amazing video! Amazing cause!

  2. Really great video. Really informational and helpful, but still completely
    and beautifully Elio. :)

  3. Amazing Project! 

  4. I love this video so much! As soon as P4A is over, I’ve got to catch up on
    all of Elio’s videos. So great!

  5. Aye we’re on the same page right now on the P4A popular section! It will
    most likely change within seconds, but until then I will enjoy it cuz I
    respect your work dawg

  6. QuintessentialStefie

    I subscribed to your channel during last year’s P4A. Great channel; great
    charity! DFTBA!

  7. P4A♥DFTBA

  8. i really like that sweater.

  9. Commenting for a penny.

  10. This video was fantastic!

  11. I think we should all comment on each other’s videos, think of all the
    pennies! #DFTBA

  12. Nathaniel Ziv Stern

    You make a really insightful point. Thank you.

  13. Nice video!

  14. $0.01!

  15. Love your energy.

  16. I probably should have subscribed earlier because of the Andrews but This
    video has finally given me the kick in the pants to do so

  17. Great video, great charity. 

  18. dftba

  19. Awesome.

  20. it is a good sweater. The various metaphors are also delightful.

  21. Thank you for raising awareness.

  22. awesome

  23. I like you and this video very much, thank you for sharing :)

  24. ELIO this is so well put. Way to take an important topic and make it
    interesting and easier to grasp. Bravo! plus the trap insert was perfect.

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