Overcoming Obstacles When Trying To Lose Weight

by Gilly Brewster
(London, UK)

So, you really want to lose some weight, but it just seems like there’s obstacle after obstacle staring you in the eye every day!.

Are you finding it difficult to manage your weight loss goals because of the eating habits of others in your home? What about your friends? Do they encourage you when you’re trying to make healthy food choices during dinner out on the town or are they more the type to go out for a greasy burger or double cheese pizza?

Peer and family pressures and habits can often one of the biggest challenges to staying consistent with our new healthy lifestyle choices. So how do we get around this successfully? That’s a good question.

First of all, there’s no two ways about it. You’re going to be assertive, sometimes, and even be that annoying broken record, constantly reminding them of your goals until it sinks in. Perhaps if they see you being consistent and getting results, they’ll become inspired and join you on your weight loss quest. There’s no better support than to have someone walking the same path alongside of you.

Let’s consider some other useful tips as well

After you’ve set a realistic weight loss goal, start your weight loss journey at a time when life and those around you, including yourself, are calm and you feel like you’re in a controlled, motivated, assertive state. Let your family and friends know about your goals.

If you notice that one or more particular people are not being supportive, that tells you that those are people with whom you’ll probably have to set some stricter boundaries. This may mean you have to go so far as to restrict certain activities with them. For those in your life who are supportive, take the encouragement in and use it to your benefit.

If you live in a situation where you share your food with others, such as roommates or family members, then now is the time to start buying your own separate groceries, if necessary, or, at the very least, try to convince them to try some new, healthier meals. If everyone wants to go out to eat or order in, look for healthier items on the menu or simply suggest eating somewhere else or not participating.

You can even get a doggie bag and eat only half your meal. Expressing your desires effectively can be difficult, but it shows them that you’re committed to your diet and weight loss program. It also tells commands some respect and establishes some healthy boundaries.

If you live alone, start removing the junk foods from your cabinets. Get rid of it. Replace those foods with nutritious snacks and ingredients for meals.

Whether you live alone or not, though, try sticking to these important rules.

Start with a realistic weight loss goal, preferably less than 15 pounds.

Make a healthy grocery list before you ever set foot in the grocery store and stick to it.

Fill yourself up with salads, raw fruits and vegetables, soups, and other non-fattening foods before your eat your main course. This will help you easily lower portions, along with your caloric intake.

Keep honest records of what you’ve eaten throughout the week. Then, use those records to start making small, but important changes for the week ahead, such as replacing some unhealthy snacks or meals for more nutritious, less fattening ones. Keeping a food log can help you tremendously when it comes to learning about yourself and what changes need to be made in your diet.

If you need help, consider hiring someone who can provide weight loss coaching or nutritional advice.

Have a plan for dealing with food situations when you’re with others. If you have to attend a party, work function, plans with friends or family, or some other event, plan ahead of time so you can know what to do to give yourself better food options.

This is your life! You have the power to make your own choices. Congratulate yourself for every step you take in your weight loss and fitness journey.

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Updated: October 28, 2013 — 8:17 pm

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