Over Exercise – How It Can Harm Your Body

In this article we learn about the benefits and ill-effects of exercising too hard, too long, so if you are guilty of overdoing things in the aim for a fitter body, this is your moment of truth – stick around to learn what you could be doing wrong and work to amend it today. Your health is in your hands, so read through carefully; your attention at this time will ensure life-long good health and peace always.

Remember that each time you indulge in any form of physical activity; the brain is releasing chemicals called endorphins that produce a ‘feel-good’ feeling much like happiness. This effect is also referred to as ‘runner’s high’ – something that sprinters experience after a fast and furious round of running a race and it has been scientifically proven that this feeling is easy to get addicted to; so, as we understand that addiction of any kind is not desirable, so too we must understand that even addiction to exercise can be harmful for us in the long run.

Therefore, too much and too hard working at exercising is to be avoided at all costs, if health is the ultimate aim and one wants to achieve a sense of balance in every sphere of life.

Sometimes, many people who are accustomed to working out at high intensity levels or for a long time on a daily basis complain of feeling lethargic or irritable if they are asked to skip their routine as they feel they have missed out on that happy high, which they need to feel in order to feel they have achieved something. But, experts recommend this is the wrong kind of outlook to have for smart people who should listen to the signals their body gives them; many a time, the body has reached its peak potential for exercising yet people push on regardless of the muscle strain and stress just for that feeling of high they need to experience. This is entirely wrong and can harm the body; it must be stopped.

People who do this fear they will not be able to handle the feelings of depression, anxiety and confusion that follow an exercise session minus the usual high; but the muscular stress and strain their body has to endure due to the excess strain of the work-out is too much and though it can give the impression of a fit body, it won’t stay that way for long.

Thus, people who are keen on exercising for fitness need to be aware of the dangers of over-exercising to avoid the long-term damage associated with this indiscretion; this includes permanent muscle damage, osteoarthritis as well as assorted cardio problems.

One needs to understand that the body has its own physical limits to what it can endure and these are different for different people; what suits Mr. A may not suit Mr. X though it works just fine for Mrs. T; so, you need to determine your level of current fitness in order to stay within healthy limits and benefit from a daily work-out instead of obsessing with having a perfect body.

This is the only way to avoid avoidable fatigue, risking muscle and bone damage as well as preventing stress fractures that are caused due to people overdoing things while exercising in the quest for a perfect body.

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