1. Thank you for this video Judy! 🙂

  2. 26 pound kettle bell, yikes! isn’t that heavy & how do you know which
    pounds to choose?

  3. I had a dream you and benji became me and my husbands friend. u such a
    sweet couple and u the same height as me. u eat too healthy wow. we cook
    alot of tomatoes at home in our sauce with okra powder. do u only eat

  4. i went back five times when benji said, ‘Shales’ LOL

  5. For some reason I loveee this video. U guys are so cute tgt.

  6. Hi! I was wondering if the shrimp you got from costco is healthy and good
    to eat if you’re trying to lose weight. How do you prepare/eat it with?
    Thank you!

  7. @cosmolovee i started with a 7 pounder, and it was good for me. But after a
    while i went back and bought an 11 pounder =] hope that helped alittle =]

  8. Where did you get the shrimp and cilantro thing!? I live in the Seattle
    area and I’d love to try it! (Unless you made it?!)

  9. Why don’t you eat rice anymore? You’re asian (:

  10. just to let you know, drinking lots of water does not change your hair or
    skin whatsoever then drinking less water. also..to compare eating organic
    and spending the money to paying for hospital fees is a little dramatic.
    you arent going to die from non-organic food.

  11. Hi Judy, I was curious to try those green tea fat burner pills. What is
    your opinion on them? Do they work?

  12. Y do some of u love the fact that u have the same blender and y is that
    soooo hilarious to u

  13. yesenia del moral

    My blender from 1982….hahha that wuss funnyy i bet you were laughing
    after you said it and cutt that out!its okay i have an old one too hahahhaa

  14. wow……i eat rice and kimchi everyday……….is it a bad thing
    …….well almost everyday

  15. @adiladldalida I have to disagree…For the past 2-3 months, I have been
    drinking primarily water and I have noticed a HUGE difference in my skin
    and my hair is not as hair as it usually is. Water has helped my skin and
    hair. Everyone’s body is different and water has greatly helped me.

  16. no the eggs can be any colour it depends what colour the chicken is so
    normally dark feathered chickens have brown eggs and white chickens have
    white eggs doesn’t matter about organic or not lol! but yes organic food is
    good, love this video and you twooo! <3

  17. home design series!!

  18. @mphello Four – I have terrible terrible colitis. Non-stop diarrhea. It
    does not matter AT ALL what I eat. Part of a general pattern of
    inflammatory disease. I have had rheumatoid arthritis for 22 years, which
    makes cooking literally a pain for me. Which brings me to Five – what I eat
    has literally NO bearing whatsoever on my health. I feel crappy or great
    independent of what I eat.

  19. @itsjudytime I know its not your ‘thing’ but I would really love to see you
    cook a meal like a nice stirfry, or what have you. XoXo

  20. Lawlz ha benji FREAK?!!!

  21. LOL Bodyrock.tv! That’s awesome

  22. hahahah bodyrockers at the end

  23. Your not good at eating veggeys!?!? You got like a friggin butt load of
    veggies in your fridge! lol

  24. why you don´t eat rice anymore, is it bad for you?

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