Oral Canker Sores – Symptoms and Cures

file0002069967782Canker sores are extremely painful to individuals that have them, they occur within the mouth and will pop up without any sort of warning. It is still unclear to the exact causes of canker sores, but there is a clear understanding about what they are, and what treatments you need to cure mouth cankers.

Canker sores are seen more often in women than in men. The majority of the individuals that get them are from the age of ten to forty but that does not mean that anyone cannot get them. It is believed that specific forms of bacterias and viruses cause these sores to form. The sores are not deemed contagious and not linked with the herpes virus, which is also referred to as the cold sores. The canker sores can be caused by an injury of the mouth such as when individuals play contact sports like football.

This type of sore may also form when an individual accidentally bites the inside of their cheek or their lip. When the inside of the mouth gets burned by food or drink that is hot a sore could develop in the same spot that the burn took place. Canker sores are often the result of individuals eating foods that are spicy or extremely acidic. They develop due to these foods causing irritations within the mouth. Individuals that chew tobacco on a regular basis will often develop a sore in the area that they hold the tobacco in.

Tobacco contains chemicals that cause mouth irritations. When dentures don’t fit inside the mouth properly they will constantly slide around in the mouth rubbing and may cause a canker sore to form. The presence of a canker sore is normally the first sign that individuals see that let’s them know that they need to get their dentures felines or adjusted by a dentist.

When individuals have to utilize orthodontic brackets, braces, bands, and other types of orthodontic mouth attachments this to can result in canker sores. They will usually form in the areas of the mouth that endure the most amount of friction. The occurrence of these sores is even more frequent when individuals first start using orthodontic treatments.

Once the mouth gets used to it the sores may just develop after adjustments are made throughout the course of treatment. It has also been identified that emotional stress can cause these sores to pop up. There is normally no need for individuals to seek treatment for their canker sores because they heal on there own quickly. Individuals should consult with a dentist if the sores last for more than two weeks.

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Updated: July 27, 2013 — 6:44 am

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