Opening an Organic Restaurant for Business

For those who are in the restaurant business, they may wish to begin an organic food restaurant. The trend of chemical free greens and hormone free animal products are slowly gaining concept in the food business sector. The restaurants also find it important in spreading wellness and good health. People are more aware, and therefore the prospect customers are ready to pay exorbitant prices for the consumption of organic products. Whatever be the reason, be it social or political attention towards organic eating, it is now time to make the same a reality.

Before beginning with the organic commercial catering, it is important that a clear perspective be kept about the niche. The food business sector is notorious for failing and it is known that if they survive the first year, they can easily establish as a restaurant. The restaurant business is growing and shifting along the changes in social demands and organic trends. Since the organic food is gaining rapid popularity, multiple restaurants are acknowledging this trend.

Definition of Organic

Both the USDA and FDA will be involved in defining the food organic. Securing the label of “organic” will be defined by their terms. Food is produced without the use of any synthetic pesticides, petroleum based fertilizers or sewage based chemicals. The livestock should be exposed to outdoor grazing and receive no kind of growth hormones or antibiotics. Only then, will the livestock will be considered as organic.

Acknowledging the desire for good food

The prospect customers are all displaying a cumulative shift towards the awareness of diet affecting health. A study by the National Restaurant Association stated that 71 percent of adults reportedly made an effort to consume only healthy food in 2013 than they were in 2011. Multiple consumers accept and acknowledge the organic food and they are good for business.

There are still consumers who did not change their eating habits. The restaurateur should consider the current demographics and understand the demand of organic food. This takes time. There are clients who alter their perception after tasting the food. Not all diners will embrace this concept right away

Avoid being pompous

Multiple neighborhoods will offer food with nothing else but soymilk and seaweed, etc. It is important that food should sound, look and taste normal. When creating the organic menu, it is important that familiar menu options be also offered. It is important to include menu descriptions in the menu. It is important that the brand image, menu and chefs be accepted in ways that makes customers value the food served in the dining community. The menu should be marketed and not intimidate the status quo.

Being Prepared for Expensive Food Cost

There are strict measures that are involved in organic farming. Production costs are 10 to 30 percent more than non-organic farming. Produce yields are smaller and less predictable that produced farm products with pesticides. National wide accreditation adds to the costs. The USDA is working to rectify the process. The high costs should be borne by the restaurant owners in commercial catering.

It is important that operators are aware of these high prices in the volatile market. Organic foods are sensitive to changes in weather, pests and market fluctuation. These costs make their way to customers, but it is important be keep prices reasonable.

Finding a Good Food Source

All the restaurants will recognize the importance of steady food supply. Organic food suppliers vary. Good relationships are therefore essential to reduce volatile pricing charges. The restaurant can source locally or from neighboring areas. Depending on location, supplier to operator partnership may last long. Sometimes there may be the need to work with multiple suppliers according to the change in menus.

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