Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements Benefits High Blood Pressure

According to a recent paper published by the University of Connecticut Health Center, omega 3 fish oil supplements benefits individuals who have hypertension or high blood pressure. Numerous studies have been published concerning omega 3 fish oil benefits. Fish oil seems to benefit practically every system of the body. The recent paper focused on the research that has been done concerning people who have high blood pressure.

The researchers at the Center on Aging said that the most benefits are seen in people who have both high blood pressure and unhealthy cholesterol levels. They say that the overall effect of fish oil is a “small but significant decline in blood pressure” in individuals who have hypertension. No change in blood pressure is generally noted in people who have normal blood pressure and very few negative side effects are ever reported.

Some people experience a fishy aftertaste, but this is rare if the fish oil is taken in a soft-gel capsule form. Taking the fish oil supplement with a meal can also reduce the likelihood of burping or after taste. People who suffer from any health problem should always consult their physician before adding a dietary supplement to their regimen. If a reduction in blood pressure is achieved, it may be necessary to change or reduce medications.

It is important to remember that if you want omega 3 fish oil supplements benefits, with no risk, you need to choose your supplements carefully. Some fish oil supplements are not properly distilled and contain contaminants like mercury. If you are taking a health supplement, you really do not want anything un-healthy in it. Molecular distillation is the only process that removes all of the contaminants.

In order to get the most omega 3 fish oil benefits, you should choose a manufacture that uses “esters”. This is the most bio-available form, meaning easily used and absorbed by the body. Other forms of fish oil must be converted within the body to the ester form, a process that is fairly inefficient.

You should look for a manufacturer that not only lists the ingredients and fish oil content, but also the amount of DHA and EPA provided by the supplement. EPA and DHA are two different types of long chain omega 3 fatty acids. Not all fish oil supplements contain both. Omega 3 fish supplements benefits for the health of the heart, the brain and other systems are related to the EPA and DHA content. And, avoid products that contain artificial flavorings. Flavorings are sometimes used to mask the taste of rancid or spoiled fish oil. To learn more about selecting an omega 3 supplements, please visit The Best Fish Oil Dietary Supplements.com.

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