1. awesome! they have great habits!

  2. Mr. Tomoyose (the karate master) is my mentor and a great man.

  3. @cloudy0399 You’re welcome for the upload thank you for watching. Actually
    this isn’t my video I’ve mirrored it here in case the original gets taken
    down. The Ryukyu culture is a wonderful expression of life. The karate
    teacher mentioned, who took on a 30yr old boxer when he was 93, is Uehara
    Seikichi a contemporary of my teacher in Okinawa. I teach Seido Ryu which
    combines a series of longevity exercises for health with martial arts –
    similar to Tai Chi but more fluid and free form.

  4. Johnny Lata Armijos

    In Vilcabamba, Loja Province , Ecuador, South America .A gifted valley in
    the Andes full of fresh waters, medicine herbs. A valley well know because
    people of its elderly people that age over 100. My grandmother that is over
    90 still milking cow and walking long distances She looks 60

  5. No but fish is actually good for you.

  6. It is sad to see the negative aspects of modern culture ravaging people’s
    health and well-being. The human body is simple in its needs- clean air and
    water, fresh food, and a positive and safe community are all that is needed
    to sustain our health. Some may say the old way is boring, but then ask
    yourself why do so many of us need constant distractions? Simplicity seems
    to be best.

  7. I live in Okinawa, and see old men surfing, riding their bikes and more
    active and daring than me! I really hope to learn to change my ways of
    eating and living while I’m here.

  8. I wonder if I should retire here one day.

  9. longevity-Asian level

  10. The modern ‘American lifestyle’ of extortion taxation violence and free
    stuff thru statism and the personality cults of politicians is a greater
    threat .. though perhaps correlated AND the latter being a causation

  11. Agreed. And it’s now probilited in some parts of Spain!

  12. InfiniteUniverse1081

    These people are not just healthy because of they’re diet. It is not all
    about diet people that is what people get wrong!

  13. Well, you are probably right.

  14. It originated in Sumerian and Minonian cultures.

  15. Takes one to know one! LOL!

  16. 沖縄の研究したい

  17. Such a comment deserves no response and displays a very low level of
    intelligence and respect.

  18. I see Uechi Ryu Karate!

  19. The bulls may not charge but I bet the bull owners do! ;-P

  20. And lack of daily exercise and sunshine.

  21. InfiniteUniverse1081

    True, I should of also said hormonal imbalances.

  22. It is extremely sad how american culture is affecting this wonderful culture

  23. Haha, the karate-kid at 4:34 looks just like Jiroemon Kimura, the world’s
    oldest man (whom has ever been confirmed).

  24. This is a common tactic among filthy vegans who claim that Okinawans live
    long because they are vegitarians/vegans ( a lie disproven by this video).

  25. Good information. Thanks.

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