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TurboFire® – Challenge Pack Promotion Tool. To use this report, go to the Coach Online Office > My Business > My Customers > Advanced Customer Search. PROMOTION TRAINING TIPS 1. See above Training Tips for ideas on how to target your eCards. Replicated Site Banners

Television spot made by teens aired on your local TV station with healthy snack ideas, fun fitness facts, and games to get children up Contact your local extension office for details on starting a team for the two-month (March – May) fitness challenge. Have a kick-off event to begin Walk

Oregon State Office P.O. Box 2965 Portland, Oregon 97208 In Reply Refer to: (Photo Vale District: Roger Ferriel (Fitness Challenge) Contest) Facilitator The OR/WA HRDC is an advisory committee to the State Leadership Team. The OR/WA HRDC ideas or expressing your concerns.

Office elebration c ideas: • Challenge your colleagues to a game of touch football on the office lawn • Make it a casual day for employees who commit to an active lifestyle • Host a field day or fitness fair for a local school • Organize a lunch hour power walk

Employees and dependents, a fitness challenge with quarterly incentives, healthy snack options We have office staff who sit all day, ideas and instilling these ideas, you get a lot

Little bit. We’ll kick off the Holiday Fitness Challenge with a longer practice on Sundaypart in it to keep you honest, shoot our office an email at info@

Balance My Day Fun Moves Everywhere Challenge yourself and your family to try these ideas to add more healthy activity into your day! Every little bit helps and soon a little bit, can make a bathrooms further from your office to get more minutes of walking.

Employee Health & Fitness Day. However, Set up a fitness trail within your office or building. Post signs at elevators encouraging the use of stairs, PROMOTING GLOBAL EMPLOYEE HEALTH & FITNESS MONTH Promotion Ideas & Examples

12 Week Do-it-Yourself Fitness Progra m Created by Brad Awalt, MS, ACSM • Can be accumulated in 10 minute bouts to equal 30 minute minimum. • Begin slowly and gradually increase frequency, duration, and intensity level .

Come up with a name for the challenge. Maybe as I talk through whatyou will come up with a great idea that you will pass on to right across the street from my office and 2 blocks from my

On Saint Patrick's Day led to the brilliant idea of having a fitness challenge amongst the men of the office and some of the REO agents in the field. The

From creating fitness challenges using Tony HortonSusan and Jim’s approach to fitness fits their lifestyle in an office, and we’re able to think

Yogurt with granola or a natural protein bar (for ideas on the best protein bars, check out myafternoon, whether you are in an office or not! CHOSE TEA OVER COFFEE – Go

The gym in order to save me the post office trip The daily posting of up toONE WORLDWIDE CHALLENGE WORKOUT FOR MAY 2013 5 rounds of 500m

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