1. You also fumbled the economy, jobs, the national debt, etc…. So
    don’t sell yourself short. You fumbled everything you touched.

  2. Can Obama change the provisions in the Obamacare (affordable Care Act)
    without going through Congress? Under the current federal law, he cannot,
    There’s only one institution that can change the law: Congress. Good luck
    Barry, I think your fucked

  3. Was no ‘FUMBLE’, it was one LIE AFTER ANOTHER and ANOTHER and ANOTHER AND
    ANOTHER……Only the ILLEGALS love it. More benefits for the Obama Welfare

  4. Say NO to financial slavery

  5. doing thats about as much fun as Syria

  6. You people really going to listen to this liar? First he says no one will
    have to give up their plan if they want to keep it. Then he changes it, &
    tries to act like he never said that. When he said it right on national TV.
    Then he tried to say he didn’t know there were problems with the rollout.
    When that was the hot topic during the shutdown. How rough the site was to
    navigate, weather the lady in charge of the program was the problem, & so
    on. I specifically remember watching him speak of these very issues. So for
    him to stand there today and say that is just ludicrous. He’s a liar, & a
    puppet. In other words are face, & a mouth. In representation of the people
    pulling his strings. Nothing more. There is no US government anymore. It
    died with JFK. So DON’T VOTE. The game is rigged, and the lucky candidate
    is already determined before the election year ever even arrives.

  7. Too Late, Obama has to be impeached & arrested for fraud. This clown has
    cost us trillions of dollars. He is a Socialist Globalist puppet.

    According to Barry Soetoro Obama’s classmate when he was not busy smoking
    crack and dating old white men for gay sex he was an epic liar; See
    here: /watch?v=Uy2K5SIuK2E

  8. Not a perfect man❓Not a perfect president ❓HA❗That’s the understatement of
    the century. You’re not even an average president❗Obama Bin Ladin…to say
    nothing about what kind of ma’am, oh excuse me… man you are. 

  9. So Society wanted to impeach Clinton because he got a b****** under his
    desk by Monica Lewinsky but President Barack Obama has lied over and over
    to the American public and covered things up… Can’t we impeach him what
    do we have to do to get him out of there?

  10. For the last 4 years I brought home 30 dollars a week after I paid for my
    health insurance… What is he talking about the American public not going
    broke for their health insurance? Because I’m already flat broke from
    paying 16,000 dollars a year in health insurance premiums when I only made
    23000 what is the problem with this equation? For the last 4 years
    occasionally I would actually go home with a0 paycheck after working 30 to
    40 hours a week so basically I had to cancel my health insurance because
    this year’s premiums went up so high I would end up having to pay my
    employer how does this work and why do I not qualify for food stamps or
    Medicaid? It makes me sick that I can’t even feed my family because of my
    health insurance cost but I can watch somebody at the grocery store use
    their food stamp card and they have their nails done there fake Gucci purse
    their toenails done their hair did and they get into a brand new car…
    America really sucks right now

  11. I’m at the point where I would probably be financially better off if I just
    quit my job… Or just let my employer fire me that way I can collect
    unemployment and live off the system. And what makes me the most angry
    about all of this is that the system is not there for people who
    temporarily need assistance getting back on their feet but it is there for
    the people who have absolutely no intention of ever getting off public

  12. these people dont even know why they are applauding him. this is creepy jim
    jones shit

  13. Gabriel Arthur Petrie

    I am opposed to it and I say there’s not a solution — not for this
    approach that has been taken. See, Obama and numerous others not only on
    Capitol hill but on Madison Avenue and Insurance Lane have all worked
    together not to make health care but to garner political support and create
    altogether unheard of new forms of monopoly. Empty, pointless, career
    politicking, and the enemy of a free market, all in one.

    There *was* no think tank sitting down to form a genius plan for
    sustainable universal health care. There *was no* well thought-out plan
    behind any of it. There was a bunch of backroom dealing and all of that
    dealing was done for political or monetary gain. We’ve been lied to the
    entire time, there wasn’t *any* thought put into the logistics behind the
    web site, the security of the web site, or the usefulness of the web site.
    There wasn’ *any* thought put into making anything work, at all, because it
    wasn’t designed to work. It was designed to be marketed and sold to people,
    which is how politics works today.

    What do you expect? There is no incentive for intelligent people to become
    politicians, and there is no good chance of anyone getting elected on
    merits alone. Politicians run because they can afford ad campaigns, or
    because they’ll just put a charismatic face on a party ticket (and then the
    party will pay for the ad campaigns). None of that rewards intelligence.
    Intelligence figures out lies, and politicians get through the gate by
    lying their faces off. You’ll never get an intelligent politician. You’re
    lucky if you’ll even find an intelligent CEO.

    Power and wealth are entirely stratified in the United States, and merits
    are nowhere involved in the rote and repetitive handover of power and
    wealth. These liars and assholes already have most of the wealth in the
    country, and all they seem to do with every last utterance and action is to
    take more of the wealth, more of the power, and give less and less in

    We’re being forced to buy private insurance in lieu of a public health care
    system, by a government that hasn’t thought it out and is currently showing
    every sign of being unable to provide anything to account for its intrusive
    involvement in our private affairs.

    Since when are *we* supposed to be regulated when *we* aren’t the damn
    doctors, we aren’t the damn hospitals, and we aren’t the damn insurers? Why
    have those people all been listened to and given *their* wish-bag of
    goodies, in the middle of a fucking capitalist market where obviously that
    means us — that means you, too — are all going to have to sustain some
    form of loss to pay for all those goodies?

    It’s a fucking scam! Wake the fuck up!


  15. Try making it to presidents office, he did, all of you cursing him out. God
    gave him that job, and even put up a system to prevent all you barbarians
    from preventing good men like barack obama doing what is right. Your first
    job, stop threatining gods gift, we are all created in his image as you all
    say and agree with. 

  16. Health Care for all but Hold them to the promish of affordable health care
    for all. Or it,s not worth the paper it,s written on.

  17. it don’t matter how you roll it out – a pile of manure is gonna remain a
    pile of manure


  19. “24 people didn’t sign up”

  20. The LORD is about to shut the door on The Ark of HIS Grace. When this
    happens The Flood of Great Destruction will sweep across the whole world {
    Rev. 6-17 }. A persons Obedience to Romans 10:9 &10 will ensure then
    entrance into The Ark. Do NOT delay to come on board. Today is The Day of
    Salvation.The Gift of GOD is Eternal Life ( Romans 6:23b ) It is The Will
    of GOD in Christ that all be Saved (1 Timothy 2: 4 & 5 ) GET SAVED TODAY
    you may not have another opportunity to do so MARANATHA-Amen

  21. Is this guy the President of the United States of America? Seriously?

  22. Elijah. You are a fanatic and you only go by literal interpretations. Of
    the bible, so let me ask you. Do you have any of the spiritual gifts that
    1st of corinthians chapter 12 speaks of in the bible? I don’t think so.. if
    you didn’t you wouldn’t be judging another human. People who have
    spirituality look at people for what is good inside of them not what is
    bad. The gospel of jesus is clear. You must have the holy spirit and the
    spiritual gifts in order to claim you have worked for the lord. Otherwise
    it’d be pointless. 

  23. Spin spin spin

  24. what a wackass..this is meanless..he is not improving the economy but
    hurting it more by having average people to paid for lazy unemployed
    people’s health insurance and the fraking penalty for uninsurance for the
    healthy people..what a b*tch…should have never vote for him..we trust him
    and he put everyone aside like a pilled of ash.

  25. Fumbles in Baseball? Hum?

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