1. does oprah mean that obama lies because hes black or hes black because he
    lies…. does the pope lie becaue hes catholic or is he catholic because he
    lies. I sure hope the all knowing, wonderfull, best person alive ,Oprah
    will enlighten us all

  2. No one takes you seriously Alex even with all your “high level friends” you
    have not done a single thing to slow down the cogs of this murderous money
    printing machine. You have been yelling at these people for so many years
    yet they only see you as a way to kill time. They sit at home or work lost
    and enslaved with no hope of ever coming out the self-inflicted coma they
    have gotten so used to. You want to help these medicated goats? die for the
    cause!! and make sure it circulates world wide. Only then will you really
    be doing gods work. You are in a position to change the world…with your
    death. Even then there is no guarantee these comatose degenerates will rise
    up and take back our planet they may just forget about it and order some
    pizza and a UFC match.

  3. Oprah, this country was born on dissent. If you can’t take the heat get out
    of the kitchen! I didn’t like George W. but I did not hear you defending
    him this way. It always has to be about race doesn’t it? You don’t get
    respect by filling the chair of a particular office, you get respect based
    on the fruits that you bare!

  4. I think Oprah’s rise was engineered just like Obama’s. And in like fashion,
    she is arrogant like Obama thinking that all the credit goes to her. She
    was strategically put in place to gain the approval of white America and
    then be the high profile cheerleader for Obama!

  5. Please I’m scared for my family there are big booming noises that happen in
    my town Jacksonville nc and they’ve happened all my life I’ve lived here
    and they shake houses and are a low monotone boom it scares me everyone
    says its just the military bomb practicing or something can you find out
    more or please cover this story , it’s happening as I’m typing this 11:47pm , please like this or something so that Alex will see this

  6. Hey Oprah: ↓↓

    Matthew 7:3-5
    3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no
    attention to the plank in your own eye? 4 How can you say to your brother,
    ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank
    in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye,
    and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

  7. Lol Obama is looking like a old dried up tootsie roll … I think we are
    getting to him . Don’t give up now America now we push even harder to win
    this country back .!!!!!

  8. The only thing that is about to collapse is your perception of reality.
    Money,economy, etc. can be anything if you get enough dopes to believe in
    it. They’re just abstractions.

  9. Obama is a wicked lying, thieving, homosexual, and murdering rat. Habitual
    liar. Also I can see the devil within Oprah, and Obama. Heb_5:14 But
    strong meat belongs to them that are of full age, even those who by reason
    of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.

    Obama, and his whole rotten regime, and those mastering them are up to
    extreme evil, and are no good.

  10. Not watched AJ for months but nothing’s changed,he’s still mad as Michael
    Jackson’s nose job. Agree with 99% of what he says about Obama, the guys a
    lying rat who sold out big time but AJ is exactly the same has rest of
    media,narcissistic, loves the sound of his own voice & he’s never wrong.
    When is going to lead this ‘revolution’? No one has guns anymore in the US
    now? AJ said it would happen so it must of happened, he’s wrong more than
    he’s right. Just wish he’d tell the facts, express his opinions in his own
    great way but ditch the armchair warrior act ffs.

  11. +MORCOPOLO817 Agree with you about Ophra, the powers worked hard to make
    her the most powerful woman in the US an not from the goodness of their
    hearts, she’s Obama’s PR woman,his mouthpiece to middle class. The race
    card is getting old,when he got elected a LOT of people couldn’t stand the
    fact they had a black president (AJ being one) but he’s dug his own hole
    now with broken promises and lie after lie.

  12. u nailed it again Alex. It is easy for us all to misinterpret the “4
    horseman” from history………. but you did mention ‘they own all the
    horses’ which made me think for a Lumen or so……. that, your reference
    may be a very relevant addition for awareness sake? cheers all

  13. Since people were right about ObamaCare so far, doesn’t that mean the death
    panels possibly exist also? I mean, I know they’re not going to call it
    that, but isn’t it essentially just that?

    Idk, it just freaks me out.

    IDIOCRACY. No one is bashing whatever you may be. Your judging the pope?
    I’m not claiming all the popes were Godly but the church is infiltrated by
    Masons. Learn your real history. Illuminati, masons,Knights Templar and
    rainbow among other secret societies infiltrating and warring with catholic
    christians as well as Protestants.

  15. Bitter Clinger said “…black race has a monopoly on slavery, being the
    only slaves on earth. What the facts are the word slavery comes from the
    white race slav people who were slaves long before blacks.” Bitter Clinger,
    Alex Jones, etc is a LIAR!

  16. Of course if Hitler was in office, Oprah would probably agree that it is
    okay to hate the things that he does. She definitely has a bias and looks
    at Obama as the great agent of change and savior, for whatever reason.
    Perhaps her New Age ascended masters praise him.

  17. thimerosal AKA Mercury , Flue-shots ,Aspartame ,Fluoride and Obama-Care is
    good for black and Hispanic people and illegal immigrants 🙂

    It is just what they and all their children deserve !

  18. AntiCointelPro Show

    Alex just wrote the next SouthPark ep with Oprah waving her hand and white
    people blowing up.
    You heard it here first and if Trey and Matt are reading this please make
    this ep A.S.A.P

  19. oprah Winfrey is the biggest pile of black shit out there, and these idiot
    have the nerve to call white people Racist just blows me mind away
    Obama claiming his obummer care will like that of your cell phone bill ,
    what a joke , but have you ever seen any of those people tell the truth,
    those people are all natural liars and you need to know nothing coming out
    of them ((FAT)) wiggling lips of them will ever be the truth !

  20. Read Obama’s facial expressions at 8:30 (he expresses this over and over)
    it is a blatant clue of deceit. This guy is dark-hearted and he need’s to
    go down. In every way!

  21. I would love to see Oprah and all the other Obama Messiah loving eccentric
    Hollywood DUMBASS anti American rejects shipped out of the United States.
    Ps. Take the Baldwin family with you, that coward said he would leave the
    United States I feel Bush Jr got reelected. It’s been years now and that
    out of shape loud mouth is still here.

  22. I finally checked out the “Cloward-Piven’ strategy Jones has been harping
    on. Man, oh man what a sick bunch of maggots! These psychos, lunatics and
    piss ants just won’t stop running rough shod over us! Devious, diabolical,
    deranged, sinister, clandestine money loving control freaks illegitimately
    rule us. Anyone can figure out that welfare benefits the status quo,
    infinitely more than the poor & needy; in fact, such policies proliferate
    an ever increasing need for welfare by intentionally impoverishing the
    working class, with the aim of keeping them poor in perpetuity; in other
    words, they aim to develop a permanent under class by simply wrecking up
    the joint.

  23. If you won’t submit to Obama raping you and stealing all your money you
    aren’t a proper slave. We are now slaves to black power structure instead
    of vice versa. Even though they are stupid the self hating whites have
    just destroyed their own power structure and the media who didn’t vet him
    for election is now seeing that the tyrant is making enemies lists of now
    subservient whites who don’t server jews and niggers properly. Not one
    person at my work which is a hospital so far has had the fake Obamacare.

  24. Yum Yum – How bout some scientific information on your iodine products –
    Want some more information then google “iodine material safety data sheet”
    and read what it says about iodine!

  25. Alex shouldn’t be talking about anyone deceiving anyone considering his
    epic lie that was Y2K.

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