1. I’m constantly stunned at how corrupt America’s Health Industry is…

  2. Either NP’s provide a service which health care consumers value or they
    don’t. Period. Why should a small group of doctors with direct access to
    government get to decide how millions of consumers access medical care?

  3. The mechanic and the doctor anecdote. Did anyone follow that?
    The sad thing about doctor vs practitioner argument is that the doctor
    seems to be the one without an ability to use logic.

  4. Was watching the Rules of Engagement on Ytube. It is the testimony of
    black, white and whoever else Americans that went to war in Iraq and
    Afghanistan but there was no war. They all seek sympathy for telling how
    they killed, tortured and maimed what they called in their own words
    innocent women, men and children. They try to blame it on their superiors,
    sounds familiar. What they described doing to people is very gruesome.
    They are all killers and murderers of mankind and deserve nothing good in
    this life or the next! Remember, there is no racism only fucked people.
    For sweet black people, get off of the black thing as a black cop and
    anyone black will harm you just as quick as a white person.

  5. Every time I go in for something simple like a strep test and I’m forced to
    see a doctor, it bugs me. There’s no need to have overqualified
    individuals providing the most basic care. If you want to go to an MD, you
    should be free to do so, but the same should apply to NPs.

  6. 2:38 EXACTLY! And THAT comment right there is what the conversation should
    be about. I just had a hospital experience where we talked to, quite
    literally, 6 different doctors and specialists. Do I need that kind of care
    when I think I have a bad cold? No.

  7. WATCH: “Licensing laws are almost always sold as being in the public
    interest. But in reality all they do is drive up prices and reduce
    competition, which reduces the incentive to provide good services to the

  8. libertarianfreedom8

    If you think that Nurse Practitioners don’t have enough training, don’t go
    there, it’s that simple.

  9. This is an EXCELLENT Video.

  10. Wow, I didn’t know anything about this at all. Thanks! 

  11. Most hospitals will no longer hire RN’s who have only an Associates Degree.
    If you do not have a BSN, you will have a difficult time finding jobs in
    Nursing in the future. Nurse Pract. roles will become larger as the should.
    They are DR.s of Nursing! They deserve more respect. 

  12. I think NP’s do a good job; however, I still want a doctor backing them up.
    If it means 10 NP’s and 1 Dr. I am fine with that as long as there is the
    one doctor. I often trust nurses more than doctors; however, there are
    things I think extra schooling does provide that may be important for
    certain situations. 9 out of 10 times an NP is fine, but it is that 10%
    that worries me.

  13. Very informative. Thanks for the good work!

  14. Good stuff

  15. What the hell kind of comparison was that? Does he think we’re idiots and
    will just accept his nurses vs. mechanics bullshit? Apparently, since he
    thinks that everyone that hasn’t gone to school as long as him is

  16. What does any health care professional do when they can’t diagnose
    something? They refer you elsewhere. NP’s are only asking to provide the
    care that they are trained to provide. Just like a general MD. None of my
    medical problems have ever been treated, let alone diagnosed, by my primary
    care physician. I was always referred to a specialist. You don’t need a
    degree to be trusted to change a car’s oil. These NP’s receive 6-8 years
    of college, and they are treated like a worker at Jiffy Lube? 

  17. The last time I went to see the doctor, I spent 15 minutes with the nurse,
    she described what was wrong with me. Then I spent 30 seconds with the
    doctor, he left the room and I waited for 20 minutes, then he came back and
    repeated what the nurse already told me. For basic stuff I think Nurses are
    probably the way to go, and that they should act as a filter for the
    doctors, prioritizing if you even need to see a doctor. You don’t need to
    go to the best engine builder around to get your oil changed, I don’t think
    you need a doctor for a tummy ache. If I break, not bend, something on my
    body, for sure, give me a doctor to make sure that thing is put back
    together right.

  18. The Objectivist Tree

    Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants and Pharmacists should all be
    given increased authority over patient care. Increasing the supply of
    health care services available will help lower costs.

  19. Nates Homestead Lifestyle

    Personally, I do think NPs are highly under utilized at this point and MDs
    are over utilized …I have had some very positive outcomes personally with
    both NPs and MDs, I also have had some shitty outcomes that are solely on
    NPs or MDs. For day to day medical care I believe a NP’s education is more
    than enough to be effective…BUT driving responsibility and accountability
    and encouraging patient\clinician communication is key to driving positive

  20. instead of fighting over it get together and work with patients to get the
    best results possible, where I go the nurses are more hands on and will
    talk with you extensivly compared with the doc, also they seem more worried
    about losing their high ground then in providing care, also schools are
    sucking people dry who want to become doctors making them take courses they
    really do not need. remember patients are not stupid (well most aren’t) and
    can do their own research as well and offer input to, instead the
    professionals seem more bent on protecting their high salaries then in
    providing care. this seems to be thecase in all professions, not just the
    medical. if gov would stay out of these professionals and let the people
    decide whom they want to go to who want ot be professionals they can
    without all the extra time and costs that go with the licensing
    requirements. stop giving special interest special status then we would not
    have the problems we have today.

  21. doctors leave all the work for nurses most of the time anyway, so why not
    let the nurses who essentially do all the work anyway. have their own, if
    people want to go to a nurse then allow them to do so.

  22. More often than not, when I try to get in to see my doctor, I end up with
    the nurse practitioner–who is an awesome lady. They should allow them to
    set up practices. If the issues are more than they can handle, they will
    refer to a doctor. 

  23. God bless them. We prefer to deal with our the nurse practitioner for basic
    needs, the pediatrician has a long line. Likewise, Urgent care facilities
    supplement best for basic need over an ER.

  24. Dale Ann’s is in a short news clip. We didn’t know how it would turn out,
    but couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.

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