1. We have to stand up against these christian assholes

  2. “Servants, obey in all things your masters according to the flesh; not with
    eyeservice, as menpleasers; but in singleness of heart, fearing God.” You
    can thank skeptics, freethinkers, philosophers, and reformers for freedom
    and egalitarianism, not your backwards whacko book that’s constantly losing
    ground and being watered down, whitewashed, contorted. You’re not able to
    burn witches for devilsex anymore and soon you won’t be able to “own”
    women’s bodies at all.

  3. Dis bitch be so ugly

  4. To extend an olive branch, I’ll say it is about both. With using different
    terminology about your view of it.

  5. Ok. I acknowledge you have your position, now show me your sources for:
    “Obama, who never worked in his life a day.” “Even tried [teaching of Marx]
    here in US by your guys… Obama” “… mom was a big whore… in
    pornographic images.”

  6. Unlike the historicity of Lincoln, which is corroborated by countless
    sources of every kind, biblical documents contradict what we know to be
    true in every discipline. History, physics, chemistry, biology, zoology,
    you name it, the Bible gets verifiable points wrong. The age of the Earth,
    the nature of evolution, cosmology, what can fit on a boat, what is even
    feasible to accomplish…

  7. Legislating away personal ‘vices’ does not work. The drug war is a
    miserable failure and abortion rates are actually higher in countries where
    it’s illegal. People’s own bodies are their business and, surprise, they’ll
    do what they want with them no matter what you say about it.

  8. Sergey Kazantsev

    You can easily find this even here on you tube, from reliable sources, the
    truth, you’ve been denied to hear. Trust me, I wouldn’t throw my words on
    to wind. Yes, Obama “worked” in public “places” of legislature and as a
    “teacher” of anti-Americanism I’m not talking about that I’m about working
    in real small businesses and real productive jobs, that create actual goods
    or real services for common market. Neither he worked in any white collar
    “business boss” kind of job, where real money work.

  9. The sound of her voice makes me feel sick.

  10. Sergey Kazantsev

    The devil came to lie, steal and destroy. But he is a spiritual being.
    Liberals, clinging to religion of humanistic secularism, become an
    instrument in the hands of devil. If any liberal influenced person reading
    me here, I beg: let God work in your heart. Humble yourself before Him and
    accept His truth, that sets people free in their thinking. The war between
    libs and conservatives are actually spiritual war. But liberals are the
    ultimate losing side here and victims of destroyer the devil.

  11. Oh yea, Obama and his minions haven’t pushed any surprise agendas. States
    rights! Bring them back!

  12. In the short term there was a population boom with the baby boomers and
    other reasons. Last year 55 million kids were killed from abortion just in
    the U.S. At this rate the world population will go down at an alarming rate
    which we might never be able to recover.

  13. Sorry but to me your a psychopath. You want to murder millions to “control
    population” when a lot of our population is the elderly. Your using that as
    an excuse to murder millions. In some ways your worse than Hitler. There is
    no justification to murdering millions of kids. If you think abortion is so
    good than why don’t you abort one of your own kids and see how terrible it
    is. I’m sorry if i offended you i’m just trying to show you how terrible
    abortion really is.

  14. I was saying in Asia as in Japan and with the baby boomers. Nobody has the
    right to slaughter millions. If you want to “control population” than why
    don’t you abort your children and then kill yourself. That’s how bad your
    idea is. It’s barbaric and disgusting that no sane person should agree to.
    In some ways it’s worse than Hitler’s ideas.

  15. I think you need to find out the reasons why the woman is getting an
    abortion before you call that woman irresponsible.

  16. The majority of the time was because the woman was being irresponsible.
    Also, either way the child still deserves life. If the mother does not want
    to take care of the child than she can always put him/her up for adoption.
    Adoption is better than killing the baby.

  17. awesome comment!!! TRUTH

  18. during legal abortion rate period they are not children. with that
    mentality it would be illegal to ejaculate without a vagina present.

  19. The child/fetus has a beating heart, it can yawn, stretch, burp, and move
    around. That is definitely a living thing/ a human being. See you try to
    make abortion sound ok by using dehumanization. It’s basically calling a
    human being something else. Dehumanization justified Hitler to kill the
    Jews, slavery to take place in America, and it also has allowed 51 million
    children to be brutally murdered by abortion. I cannot believe you agree to
    such barbaric terms.

  20. in most states it is not viable to give an abortion after the beginning of
    the second trimester. most embryos are aborted during the first trimester
    and there is no heart beat because nothing is developed organwise. in the
    beginning of the second trimester the fetus stage begins and also can be
    aborted because no organs are developed yet but are beginning to. all of
    first trimester and beginning of second have absolutely no organs
    developed. please you must educate yourself. it isn’t barbaric

  21. You see that’s where you’re using dehumanization to justify murder. To me
    promoting murder is barbaric( or at least any sane person would think
    that). Just because the mother made a mistake doesn’t mean the child should
    be punished for her mistake. Don’t give me the if she was raped bs because
    the majority of the time the mother was being irresponsible. Also, if she
    doesn’t want the child she can put him/her up for adoption. Let me ask you
    a question. Are you married?

  22. if that’s the case then you support murder everyday when you eat
    meat,(organs) or veggies. (no organs). a fetus isn’t human. a sperm isn’t
    human, an egg isn’t human. these are byproducts of humanity. ofcourse you
    are not going to agree with this because you have never been raped and you
    are not a woman. you don’t know what it is like to carry a villains seed
    inside you. you make these arguments and fail to care or educate yourself
    on what a woman actually goes through from a rape. SAYS ALOT

  23. First of all the vast majority of women who have abortions were being
    irresponsible. My sympathy goes toward you and other women who have been
    raped, but do not punish the child for what the villain did. It’s better to
    put the child up for adoption. Also, the fetus is a human with potential
    life. Not letting that human live is basically like a hospital deciding not
    to save somebody. Eating an animal or vegetable is a huge difference form
    slaughtering a child.

  24. a fetus is NOT a child if you really cannot understand this, I am sorry.
    but it is simply fact that a fetus is NOT A CHILD.

  25. If you check the DNA it’s 100% human. 18 days after conception the baby has
    a beating heart. Also, the baby can stretch, yawn, move around, etc. How is
    that not a child. It’s a fact that the fetus is a child, but your
    dehumanizing it so you can justify slaughtering children. That’s what
    Hitler did. He dehumanized Jews to justify him killing them. That’s what
    happened with slavery. Slaves were dehumanized to justify slavery.
    Dehumanization such as abortion is sick and barbaric.

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