Non-Stop Motivation Is The Key To Permanent Weight Loss

by Babs O’Reilly
(Miami, Florida, USA)

For a moment I want you to consider the last time you had to complete a task that you had no interest in. Perhaps it was a work or classroom assignment that you had no choice about. In such cases we are usually not inspired or motivated.

If we are lucky we can find a way to motivate ourselves but it can be difficult. And because we are not inspired the task is even more boring gruelsome.

You may have found over the years that the desire to complete such a task in order to move on to something else is motivation enough for you. If that is the case then you are a special person and your employer is lucky to have you!

But for most of us we need motivation and inspiration if we are to do a good job at whatever it is that we are working at. This includes the task of losing weight.

I have known some women that have bought a special dress in a size too small to use a motivating factor to lose weight. I have known others that have kept unflattering photos on the refrigerator doors.

But what works for them may not work for you. Neither of those tactics are inspirational for me. I do like motivational quotes though.

There is one by Michael Jordan that I like, it says something like, “some people want it to happen, others wish it would happen, and still others make it happen!”.

Another thing that inspires me is the fact that I have some friends that are really into physical fitness. I really cannot explain why this motivates me but I do know that when I see them I wish I was in better shape and I do get in gear, at least for a little while after seeing them.

But when we are talking about non-stop motivation and inspiration we each have to find something that is somewhat personal for us. That is why it is important to know why you are on the quest to lose weight in the first place. Very few people succeed in weight loss if they do not have a motivation factor that is truly compelling for them.

Sometimes I will see extremely obese people and I want to cry for them. I know they are suffering in so many ways.

Not only do they want to look better but I am sure that they suffer physically as well. Those people are motivators for me also.

As you begin a weight management program I encourage you to give some thought to what will keep you motivated to achieve permanent fat loss.

Undoubtedly there will be times that you will become frustrated and feel like giving up. This is true with almost any worthwhile endeavor.

But if you have planned your tactics out in advance you will already know what you can do to motivate yourself during such times. That motivation may be the secret to your weight loss!

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Updated: April 16, 2014 — 3:42 pm

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