1. First

  2. 5th view…. nice and First?

  3. Brian Cooley needs to be my dad lol, but seriously one of the best show
    hosts!!! third btw

  4. fourth

  5. fuq I regret buying the flex in september

  6. 6TH :d

  7. I’ll get a fitness tracker when it detects my heart rate and calculates
    calories burnt from that and not steps taken.

  8. fitness trackers are pretty pointless and do nothing, it shows you would
    you don’t need to know or care about. Oh i slepted 9 hours….no wonder i
    feel good…like wtf is the point in these things?

  9. haha 1:27 

  10. I got invited to the google glass explorer program. But I can’t afford the
    $1,500 as I’m 14. Makes me kinda sad was really interested in developing
    for it. 

  11. I don’t need some futuristic device to tell me how much of a fat ass I am.
    If it could some how measure my eating habits or amount of calories I take
    in daily, it’d probably self-destruct.

  12. I have the basic FiBit Flex on my wrist right now. I love it. Why?
    Simple. It connects to my phone (android) and my Win7 desktop. I work in
    a hospital and I always wondered how much I walk around. So today I did
    10,111 steps and 4.65 miles of walking. It all connects via Bluetooth, the
    only time I need to plug it into a USB is to charge it up every 3-4 days.
    FitBit Force is now out, it is a watch and a lot more choices, but you
    have to interact with it more to get that data I believe. It also will
    tell you if your iPhone is ringing but not a android phone! The question
    is do I want to interact with it more? I don’t think so. I mean when I am
    at work I am busy I don’t have time to fool with something on my wrist. 

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