Newsmax Announces Brownstein M.D. and Newsmax Health to Premiere Thyroid Health Documentary

West Palm Beach, Fla. (PRWEB) February 05, 2013

Dr. David Brownstein, M.D., and Newsmax Health are proud to announce the release of their new documentary, The Unknown, Shocking Epidemic: 52 Million Americans, 59 Debilitating Diseases, and Your One Tiny Thyroid.

The documentary reveals the serious diseases — such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer — that can be caused by a thyroid imbalance, why nearly 52 million Americans are suffering, and how the condition can be reversed by natural, holistic care.

The film is available for public viewing at http://www.newsmax.com/thyroidmovie

In the film, Dr. Brownstein explains that 60 to 80% of Americans could be suffering from hypothyroidism, yet remain undiagnosed. He reveals that thyroid dysfunction is the number one cause of heart disease, a major contributor to arthritis, cancer, and other chronic ailments.

“The thyroid hormone affects every cell in the body,” Dr. Brownstein explains in the film. “You can’t achieve your optimal health without a properly functioning thyroid. I believe that hypothyroidism or an underactive thyroid is the most commonly missed diagnosis today.”

The purpose of the film is to bring awareness of hypothyroidism to the millions of people who suffer from chronic conditions but do not know why, to allow them to recognize their symptoms, and to provide proven natural research that allows them to heal their own thyroid condition and achieve optimum health.

Dr. Brownstein is a board-certified family physician and one of the foremost practitioners of holistic, natural health. He is also an international lecturer, prolific author, and editor of the newsletter Dr. David Brownstein’s Natural Way to Health. (http://www.brownsteinhealth.com)

Newsmax Health provides timely health news, research, and publications from a staff of medical doctors, surgeons, and specialists. More information about The Unknown, Shocking Epidemic film (http://www.newsmax.com/thyroidmovie), Dr. David Brownstein’s Natural Way to Health (http://www.brownsteinhealth.com) or Newsmax Health can be obtained by contacting Travis Davis at 561-686-1165, ext. 1212.

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