New Year's Resolutions, Weight Loss, and Fitness

It’s that time of year again. Waistlines are growing and the holidays are coming to a close. The beginning of the new year symbolizes new birth and a chance to start anew. It’s no surprise that most people choose this time to form weight loss resolutions for the coming year.

Treadmills, Ellipticals, and Gym Memberships

The number of gym memberships seem to skyrocket at the beginning of the year as many people flock to the treadmills, ellipticals, and free weights of fitness facilities. For those that are die-hard health fanatics, seeing these, “Resolutioners,” take over their gym homes is very upsetting. Not only are the gym regulars disillusioned with the overtaking of their health hang out, but those new to the fitness scene become discouraged quickly with crowded gyms that can’t handle the excess. This commonly begins the downward spiral of those who choose starting a fitness routine as part of their New Year’s Resolution.

Fitness Motivation Tips

In order to keep motivation high when starting a fitness routine, consider choosing gym times that are less popular. Many people choose to work out right before or after work. This often leads to crowding and a less productive workout as members wait for machines to open. Down times for gyms typically fall right when the facilities open, just after lunch, and just prior to closing.

Another great way to stay motivated with a fitness resolution is to start with a personal trainer. Many times these trainers have equipment stashed away for the sole purpose of using it with private clients. Personal trainers are a bit more expensive than having only a basic gym membership, but the benefits far outweigh the cost. Not only will participants be assured a great workout with available equipment, but they will also receive one-on-one attention that is specific to their fitness needs. This often leads personal training clients with the proper knowledge to continue fitness routines on their own and still see results.

Home Gym Recommendations

If gym memberships are not a feasible option for money-strapped fitness resolutions, obtaining appropriate workout equipment for the home is another choice. Those that make New Year’s Resolutions to get healthy in the new year can get decent results from a home gym provided motivation to continue with the fitness plan stays strong. There are a number of online vendors that provide discount fitness equipment, so readers are encouraged to check out the links provided on this page to get more information on available home gym equipment options.

Working Out with a Friend

One way to ensure that working out at home doesn’t become boring and stays fresh and exciting is to work out with a friend. Studies have shown that working out with a fitness buddy keeps motivation up much longer than working out alone. Several online fitness plans have sites specifically for networking with others that are new to fitness or to chat with veterans of fitness programs to get tips and helpful information.

Fitness Physicals

One final thought on beginning a New Year’s Fitness Resolution is on the importance of getting a health check up with a physician prior to starting a workout regimen. A physical will help to ensure that those new to fitness are healthy enough to begin an exercise plan. In addition, physicians can also offer some motivating tips to keep, “Resolutioners,” on the path to fitness success. If your New Year’s Resolution this year includes getting healthy, take time to explore the many websites provided on this page which will give you plenty of information on routines, workout equipment, and health resources.

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