New HealthLife.com 'Healthy Body Gallery', Future Source for Healthy, Sexy Bodies to be Featured on the Site, in Workout Videos, and on the HealthLife.com NASCAR Sprint Cup car in 2009

Miami, FL (PRWEB) September 11, 2008

HealthLife.com announced today the launch of its Healthy Body Gallery from which future HealthLife.com models will be chosen–models to be featured on HealthLife.com, in custom HealthLife.com workout videos, and on the hood of the HealthLife.com NASCAR Sprint Cup car when it races in 2009.

“It's human nature — if you have a healthy sexy body you want to show it off; and if you don't, you want one so you can,” said Larry Erdos, President and CEO of ARMER Holding, the parent company of HealthLife.com, LLC. “The new HealthLife.com Healthy Body Gallery provides those who have worked hard to achieve their healthy body a place to tastefully showcase their great bodies as well as getting noticed and recognized for achieving what millions aspire to. And for those who are still on their quest for a body, people will notice and envy the Gallery is a great source for motivation and emulation.”

For HealthLife.com, the Healthy Body Gallery is a vehicle by which to find the healthiest male and female bodies for models on HealthLife.com, in HealthLife.com workout videos, and on the HealthLife.com NASCAR Sprint Cup car when it races in 2009. Those with the highest voter scores and vote tally will get a chance to enjoy tremendous exposure and recognition as a model on HealthLife.com.

For HealthLife.com users, the Healthy Body Gallery provides those with healthy, sexy bodies a platform to show them off in good taste. For those that aspire to a sexier body the Gallery provides motivation and bodies to emulate. Plus, once they find the body type they desire, HealthLife.com can help them achieve it.

“As we sat down to brainstorm on how to locate America's Healthiest Body to feature in our modeling ads and on our NASCAR Sprint Cup car next year, we decided to let America Vote,” said Christopher Guerriero, host of HealthLife.com. “This is the normal everyday person's chance to be featured in a national campaign and on a NASCAR racecar. And to make it really official, it won't just be our company choosing the winners. America will be voting every day, every hour, and on everyone who enters their healthy body pictures at HealthLife.com.”

About HealthLife.com http://www.HealthLife.com The HealthLife.com slogan Where Health, Life, and People Meet captures the essence of ARMER Holding's revolutionary new web system. In addition to being an online meeting place for folks of like mind with regards to health, fitness, weight loss, longevity, and general wellbeing, the multimedia centric site also features a host of proprietary user interfaces and content presentation methods.

The focus of HealthLife.com goes well beyond just health to that of an individual's overall state of wellbeing (Wellbeing: a state of being happy and healthy and prosperous). Achieving a true state of wellbeing is the ultimate desire of most and the mission of HealthLife.com because the result for those that achieve it is better health and a better life.

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