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  2. But fat people will also wear em’ :p

  3. how long until the fat slobs sue for “emotional distress due to fat shaming
    and intimidation”?

  4. Oh good, its a slow news day … I’ll just come back tomorrow … ;-)

  5. Jimmy Dore being awesome as always

  6. I support. All throughout America there should be a workout wear Friday.
    America is getting fatter and fatter by the minute

  7. Yea, I cant do this, I go HARD in the gym for cardio. Even in the gym I
    feel like I do much compared to the other people who are there.

  8. Fridays is casual day. Leave it alone. We dress casual and go drinking
    after work; hopefully cutting out early.
    Workout Wear Wednesday sounds far better. We’ll all leave an hour early and
    go do something physical, and call it “team building” and “preventative
    healthcare”, and then go back to hating our coworkers til it’s time to go
    drinking on Friday…..

  9. for once: a genuinely clever line from Jimmy at the end. hahaa

  10. Or we could just leave people alone. If you don’t want to work out, you
    shouldn’t feel pressured to do so. If you want to work out, go nuts. But
    just because you’re a fitness enthusiast doesn’t mean everyone shares your
    passion. Obviously working out is better for you, but it should be a choice
    left up to the individual. 

  11. Proper weight and fitness is a function of lifestyle not a corporate
    implemented “Fun Friday”. I personally don’t want to see my co-workers
    squat thrusting around the office in sweaty unitards.

  12. ghostofdayinperson

    You don’t need to exercise constantly to get healthy

  13. Why not just set times to PT? When I was in the Marine Corps we had PT in
    the morning before work or we had it during lunch.

  14. oh look another video about yoga pants..

  15. I exercise everyday i go to work wearing jeans and a jacket all day long in
    the cold. I eat five meals a day and my body looks like it was chiseled by
    the Greek Gods themselves.

  16. I almost didn’t watch this vid because I prefer political topics and this
    one looked lame, but I knew Jimmy was around and i needed a laugh. He
    didn’t let me down. DUDE IS FUNNY!!!

  17. Oh sure, let’s take our golf clubs to work on Thursday so we can work at
    the golf course?

  18. I like it. Good idea IMO. I like Ana’s suggestion of working out after
    work though.

  19. I will teach Ana how to do squats for free!

  20. when I work from home I’m basically in workout gear. not working out at

  21. This is a great idea, anything to encourage physical activity.

  22. The pressure of wearing something fashionable to the gym nowadays is

  23. It’s a retarded idea for exhibitionist, and Richard Simmons

  24. People will call this fat shaming, nobody will do it for fear of lawsuit,
    and everyone continues along their regular way. I hate people.

  25. TYT should do their Friday show in bikini and speedo – as so not to anger
    the Global Warming Gods. If they added gasmasks, with a closed vent, to
    recycle their own CO2 and asphyxiate themselves – it would be their highest
    rated show of all-time.

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