New Book and Website Introduce Innovative Approach to Fitness Achievement Tracking that Boosts Motivation

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 19, 2013


Iron Footprint Fitness, LLC, today announced the launch of its signature book and website, IronFootprintFitness.com, which together offers a unique, practical, and simple solution to boost fitness motivation and improve results. Developed by Anne Larson, Ed.D., a kinesiology professor and lifelong athlete, the Iron Footprint Fitness approach helps users set practical goals, track results, and celebrate fitness success in its numerous and diverse forms to overcome low or inconsistent motivation.

“The idea behind Iron Footprint Fitness™ is that success drives the pursuit of more success,” Anne says. “Many of us suffer from a lack of motivation to maintain healthy fitness habits due to perceived failure to meet our exercise goals or expected outcomes. Iron Footprint changes this by revealing the ways you succeed every time you engage.”

The Iron Footprint system is outlined in Anne's book, Iron Footprint Fitness: Motivation Through Achievement, and is brought to life on the company's website, IronFootprintFitness.com. “Your Iron Footprint is a portfolio of your collected physical activity,” Anne says. “This footprint grows with time and reveals what you have achieved, in detail, regardless of the goals you have set for yourself or the physical outcomes you expect.”

The book and the website are designed to work together as a comprehensive guide to the Iron Footprint approach. The book features a complete introduction to Iron Footprint Fitness, with a focus on the following topics.

1. Introduces physical activity as a multi-dimensional enterprise of daily engagement (FitBASE), personal bests (FitBESTS), and types of physical activity (FitBUBBLES).

2. Reveals how achievement occurs broadly and uniquely within each dimension and how to create an Iron Footprint to display ongoing achievement.

3. Introduces the concepts of engagement-resilient motivation and achievement-oriented health and fitness.

4. Explains why and how to include motor skill practice as a component of routine engagement.

5. Offers insights designed specifically for various members of the fitness industry, including individuals, trainers, gym managers, youth program leaders, and others.

The company's website, IronFootprintFitness.com, offers the following features to help users increase fitness motivation.

1. The Pavilion, a unique social application, allows each user to create a personalized Iron Footprint, network with other members, and submit FitBRAGS and solutions to engagement barriers.

2. The Iron Footprint Fitness Academy provides downloadable whitepapers on topics related to Iron Footprint Fitness, a downloadable copy of Anne's book Certified or CertiFRAUD? Assessing the Professional Competency of Your Personal Trainer – Who’s Minding Your Store? and other support resources.

Iron Footprint Fitness is free of cost, compliments any commercial or self-designed exercise program, and is universally adaptable to any user regardless of age, gender, exercise history, current fitness level, or activity preference. “Whether you are chronically underactive or relentlessly pursuing performance breakthroughs, Iron Footprint Fitness can help you maintain motivation through achievement,” Anne says. Learn more at IronFootprintFitness.com.

About the Founder, CEO, and Author, Dr. Anne Larson, Ed.D.

Dr. Anne Larson, Ed.D., is a kinesiology professor with a lifelong love of sports, exercise, and all activities related to physical fitness. Whether playing, competing, coaching, teaching, designing, or motivating others to engage, Dr. Larson’s roots in sports and her training in kinesiology propel her passion for enriching lives through activity. She grew up in Minnesota and now resides in Los Angeles, where she enjoys the variety of diverse physical activities the area offers.

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