1. R.I.P Nelson Mandela..

  2. If this was in the USA, there would have been so much security, yet people
    would be threatening the security anyhow, from petty crimes to even worse.
    Sounds like there wasn’t an extreme amount of security comparably, in South
    Africa. Sounds like things went off without a hitch. And then this guy
    shows up! No disrespect to the deaf, but it actually most amusing!

  3. Well, they may question his mental state, but none shall question the state
    of his ball sack: ginormous. 

  4. It was just to show how close they can get to Obama and other world
    leaders,he could of Jumped on any of them and broke there necks.

  5. What a joke!!!
    thats Africa for you!

  6. south africa is known to hire frauds, specialty sign language scam artists.

  7. This man has ruined his life. He will be the most famous fake ever.

  8. this is such a lie. Look closer

  9. IN line… Last time I checked you are a journalist in the US. Why do US
    journalists arbitrarily pickup foreign pronunciations of certain phrases.
    They sound ridiculous. 

  10. Give him a blunt 

  11. HAHA I love this guy

  12. Fraud to fraud and fake to fake. 


  14. May u R.I.P 

  15. big deal.

  16. I think thats the smartest man alive in africa 

  17. i’m wondering how long it will b before the media discredits this guy even
    further by saying he was once an axe murderer or rapist and use it as an
    excuse to either put him in jail or get rid of him by other means – of
    course it would b at the request of the African government – which would
    bow to Obama’s request to ‘punish’ him.

  18. Surre, he was on his meds lol

  19. This has got to be the biggest, craziest, most unbelievable story of 2013.
    You could never make stuff like this up. Funny, but so serious! And he’s
    giving interviews to boot.

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