1. blud dis is sum nex reup


  3. and your a douch bag…

  4. Go Alex ! ! !

  5. Good stuff! I remember Theo when he played here with the Pistons.

  6. what station can I tune in to to listen to Alex Jones in chicago?

  7. Sandy Hook was a Hoax get it in your head Alex you know it and you blab
    about phco trops the cause.Your channels are really starting to bore me.You
    advertise more than TV

  8. Nobody could stop Shaq in his prime.

  9. BIG BEN WALLACE, turned him into and average player over and over, look it

  10. Bassaball Jones,ever since he was a baby he has always been dribblin…Just
    joking.That was one of the funniest skits from Cheech and Chong.

  11. TheSilentassassin999

    Someone give me the supplements that Kobe’s taking, you know he has the
    good shit.

  12. He has said what you are saying about 90% of past shootings. Sometimes a
    mass shooting is actually a nut on drugs.

  13. Oregano oil is a great one for candida that one doesn’t even know they have
    but symptoms such as sugar cravings occur – candida albicanas

  14. yes you enjoyed watching the him entertain you among thousands in the
    crowd. You enjoyed his servitude and humble negrosity.

  15. Why is it that losing weight and living healthy is a secret? Is it that
    much of a secret that all you need to do is eat healthier and be physically
    active? Everybody on the fucking planet knows it instinctively. I guess all
    the fast food has clouded people’s minds to this so I guess it has become a

  16. Am I watching a fucking info-mercial? What the fuck? This is bullshit.

  17. This is horse shit. Reminds me of the solar generator from a while back
    that would run your microwave for like 15 seconds if you charged it all day.

  18. MAGNESIUM MAGNESIUM MAGNESIUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (See Dr
    Sircus research) My caps are not for yelling purposes but just to get your
    attention! Apparently our soils are depleted of it for some time now and
    there is a major epidemic of deficiency in this are of things. It might
    help the aggression side of things Alex Jones mentions he struggles with
    now that his minerals and energy levels are good.

  19. It’s the ingredients that Subway uses that is unhealthy. Research GMO foods.

  20. I’ve been using a range of Youngevity products for some time now. Great
    stuff. I also detox with another miracle cure MMS. check it out.

  21. The Government wont let you sue these pricks.

  22. Sorry, I forgot to mention. The last check up I had a couple of years ago
    revealed I had the heart of a 21 yo. I used to suffer with reflux badly.
    All gone now. I am as fit as a malley bull, if you know what that is?

  23. aw man, not an infomercial…c’mon dude

  24. “Conversations with Jim Humble” on U-Tube

  25. TheCrossov3r is an ignorant fool. You are right with everything you have
    said, HFCS, GMO, Gluten, MSG, Nitrites, all extremely toxic to the body.
    The real retard here, is TheCrossov3r. An intelligent person would go
    research the subject a bit before shooting their mouth off and looking like
    a stupid. I’m being harsh, because he needs to learn to not be so arrogant.
    Be humble and inquisitive, you might learn something that saves your life!

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