1. She looks adorable!

  2. so fucking cute. how is she real

  3. She is pure perfection. c: <3 loove herrr

  4. Linda Lähteenmäki

    Naya you are pure perfection <3 ily

  5. lol at all the Johnny Depp comments XD

  6. i’m obsessed with Naya!!

  7. I can’t handle the cuteness in this video!!!

  8. She used to be my favorite celebrity

  9. I love u 3

  10. My Baby!!! Adorable.

  11. she is the best 🙂


  13. Cielos santo naya es perfecta por mucho el sueño de muchos

  14. Perfect.

  15. This comment has no relevance.

  16. 0:28 im trying to get cozy with that. big sean is a lucky little bish

  17. God this is so cute <3


  19. where the fuck am I? i think i got lost on youtube for a moment

  20. No, see she’s using this little thing called talent and hard work. Instead
    of wasting your life being a troll, try it some time. Oh dear I’ve fed a
    troll again.

  21. Super cute. Naya and her Glam Fam are the ultimate Dream Team. I can’t even
    handle how adorable she is lol.

  22. Ayebatonyeseigha Christ

    Beautiful Girl

  23. ok tahts it im telling the Truth… Naya is inlove with me hahahah … gosh
    im so into her !!!!! 

  24. I love U <3

  25. +jg5221 You have a specific bus or train in mind?I’m not sorry for
    defending Naya to you, she is an amazing person and I will defend her again
    and again. I am sorry I called you a troll, as in internet troll. Most of
    them don’t tell people to off themselves. Suddenly you’re way less trollish
    to me. Weird. I mean it’s easy to be a bully behind the keys of a computer. *claps
    slowly so you can grasp the sarcasm*

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