Naudi Aguilar — Functional Fitness Domination Workout

A Functional Workout Montage with many of the most advanced exercises I’ve discovered over my career as an integrated movement practitioner. The video consis…


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Updated: February 12, 2014 — 1:59 pm


  1. Was nearly 7 hours of filming and I thought I might pass out several times
    during the filming, but man it was all worth it! Thank you all for the
    continued support. This will be the kickoff to a bunch of instructional
    videos I’ll be putting up. 2014 will be a year to remember!

  2. 2 words – LEGEND²

  3. Naudi, Great compilation.
    Should you ever give a seminar in Amsterdam let me know.

  4. Excelent, high qualitiy video

  5. Insane!
    I love it.

  6. Mr. Annihilation in Action !!!!!

  7. Nice! “2014 will be a year to remember.” Those are my thoughts as well!

  8. Really nice video!
    Good flow and movements!

    Always cool to see new instructional videos from you.
    Nice to try them out at own workouts after that, good variation to the
    normal gym lifting.

    Keep up the good work and have a productive 2014!

  9. Extremely creative bro

  10. You’re ridiculously explosive.

  11. I love your precision with each movement. It’s beautiful

  12. Naudi you are a Ninja!

  13. Inspirational, exhilarating and ridiculously cool! Love the video and LOVE
    YOU! Much Gratitude

  14. mywellness functional studio

    Fantastik functional movie 😉
    Hope, next time in italy meet you

  15. really awesome video, appriciate the time and work.

  16. 3 monkeys that dislike this video you guys are haters 🙂 this video is
    just bad ass. i have watched it at least 10x …… this guys just keeps
    upgrading his game . nice work naudi , all of your videos are full of great
    and valuable information . i hope to meet you one day .

  17. Probably the most awesome video you made so far!
    And sick music!

  18. Rewelacja !

  19. Nice video, but what is this functional for? 

  20. Going to incorporate at least half of these patterns into my workouts.
    Awesome stuff in there

  21. Great video!!
    Cheers from Portugal!!!

  22. Milestone Coaching Project

    good stuff my man!! Rock on! Peace

  23. WOW! I cannot wait to try some of your functional exercise moves. These
    are insane and wonderful.

  24. That is some Steven Spielberg shit, awesome work.

  25. nice work dude!

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