Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

your teeth using POWER TOOTH WHITENING which utilises blue light to produce over other procedures to whiten teeth are that Teeth naturally darken with age because the dentine beneath the enamel gets

What is the teeth whitening process? – Teeth Whitening is actually a bleaching process that lightens discolorations of tooth enamel. Our system uses an effective whitening solution retained

Care about your teeth. We do! Headache? Your teeth may be at the root of it! Page 3 Would you like to whiten your teeth? Page 5 The biggest dental lab

Concentrate of naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). This peroxide Different processes are used to enhance the oxidation of the peroxide and thus whiten your teeth. Depending on your teeth’s sensitivity, various concentrated bleaching agents are used. Our in-office process

2409 Lakeview Pkwy #300 Rowlett, TX 75088 972-412-2828 Whitening Care and Instructions Take home whitening trays are a simple and safe effective means of whitening/lightening your teeth.

your teeth? White? Yellow? Brown? You may or may not be aware that over time teeth naturally become darker quickest and most effective way to whiten your teeth.

teeth are important assets for happiness and success. a brighter smile radiates youthfulness, vitality, health, healthier teeth professional whitening whiten naturally avoid stains by top offenders • coffee/tea • fruit juices (ie. cherry, grape, and cranberry)

ianreeddentist.co.uk Page 1 of 2 Teeth whitening Teeth whitening is the process of removing staining and discolouration from within the enamel of teeth and improving their

Let the natural whiteness of your teeth shine Can whiten teeth up to two shades in two weeks • Timer: Smarttimer and quadpacer • Modes: Patented sonic technology, Angled brush head neck, Naturally whiter teeth, Safe and gentle, Smartimer, Quadpacer, Easy-start program,

Whiter, healthier teeth Everybody loves a bright white smile. Let the natural whiteness of your teeth shine • Naturally whiter teeth with patented sonic technology • Clinically proven safe and gentle Offers you a customised cleaning experience

Whitening of your teeth is achieved in about one hour. All of these materials occur naturally in the body and are perfectly safe even if the gel is swallowed. Porcelain crowns or veneers and white plastic fillings will not whiten. If you have restorations in your front teeth,


Removing stains to whiten teeth You can remove stains and whiten teeth with professional treatments in your dental professional’s office or with at-home methods. a special polishing cup to gently remove surface stains and naturally whiten teeth

Especially high in vitamin C. Strawberries act directly to whiten and polish teeth. Their gentle cleaning and bleaching properties can help remove coffee and tea stains and are a good natural teeth naturally, reduces bacteria and offers the benefit of pleasant breath.

Whitening your teeth, safely and naturally. Twin Lakes. Wisconsin. Because it relies on baking soda as its base, actually makes your teeth feel “squeaky clean” due to the action of the baking soda base. ExtraBrite

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