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 Natural Beauty Across the Ages:

Ever since Eve took that first bite of the apple, the human race has been obsessed with natural beauty & complexion. Granted, each civilization has had it’s own definition of what attributes are used to define beauty.

Ancient Egyptian women AND men used various natural pigments to color their bodies in an attempt to appear more favorably to the “gods.” Today some people use sunbeds or tan tablets!. Head-dresses and jewelry have also adorned peoples throughout history with the expectation that these items might improve their appearance.

Roman, Grecian, Arabic and Hindi women used henna to color their hair and tattoo their bodies. The historical artwork of Botticelli depicts women as rounded as cherubs. Interestingly, current trends toward body piercing and tattooing are nothing new but merely a resurgence of historical practices.

Here you will find helpful resources to assist you in your goals of natural beauty and anti-aging remedies to maintain that youthful appearance we all want. We have also provided you with some comprehensive information about cosmetic surgery procedures so that you can be better informed about the choices that are available to you, including the latest technology on the beauty centers and clinics around the world.

With so many new lotions, potions & supplements being created every few months it’s hard to decide what will work best for your natural beauty needs, so we will also offer product information and reviews on products as they come on the market.

Here are some home remedies you can mix up yourself to give yourself the glow of natural beauty treatments:

Homemade Natural Beauty Recipes

Avocado Facial
Avocado is a naturally rich moisturizer. Mash the meat of the avocado into a creamy texture. Massage into the face and neck. Leave on for 15 minutes and gently rinse off.

Facial Mask
Squeeze half a lemon and mix the juice with one beaten egg white. Leave on your face overnight or, for a quick pick-me-up, just 15 minutes. Splash warm water on your face to rinse. It helps to removes blotches, because the lemon works as a bleaching agent.

Egg & Honey Mask
Mix together 1 tablespoon honey,
1 egg yolk,
1/2 teaspoon almond oil and
1 tablespoon yogurt.
Honey stimulates and smoothes, egg and almond oil penetrate and moisturize, and yogurt refines and tightens pores.

Cornmeal Facial Mask
Two tablespoons of cornmeal mixed with enough water to make a thick paste makes a great inexpensive facial mask. Gently apply to face and wash off.

Lighten Circles under Eyes
To lighten dark circles under your eyes, wrap a grated raw potato in cheesecloth and apply to eyelids for 15-20 minutes. Wipe off residue and apply an eye cream.

Egg, Avocado & Mud Facial Mask
(best for oilier skin types)
Clay is available in powder form at any health food store.
Mix 1 tbsp. dry clay with
1 egg yolk,
1/4 of a mashed avocado and enough
witch hazel to create a smooth mixture.
Mud dries excess sebum while the egg yolk and avocado replenish lost moisture. Witch hazel tones.

Egg & Olive Oil Hair Mask

Mix two whole eggs with four tablespoons of olive oil. Smooth through hair.
Wrap head with plastic wrap, and leave in hair for 10 minutes. Rinse well.

Fruit Smoothie Hair Mask
Blend 1/2 a banana,
1/4 avocado,
1/4 cantaloupe,
1 tablespoon wheat germ oil and
1 tablespoon yogurt.
For extra conditioning, squeeze in the contents of a vitamin E capsule. Leave in hair for 15 minutes.

Facial Exfoliater
2 heaped tsp. fine oatmeal
1 tsp. baking soda
Combine ingredients, and add enough water to make a paste. Apply to skin and rub gently. Rinse and gently pat dry.

Banana Wrinkle Fighter
Banana is wonderful as an anti-wrinkle treatment.
Mash 1/4 banana until very creamy.
Spread all over face and leave for 15-20 minutes before rinsing off with warm water followed by a dash of cold. Gently pat dry.

Grape Cleanser
Grape juice makes an excellent cleanser for any skin type. Simply split one or two large grapes, remove pips and rub the flesh over face and neck.
Rinse off with cool water.

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Did you know . . . many ancient beauty treatments are still in use today

An example is the East Indian art of painting the hands and feet with Henna.

It is known in India as Mendhi and is an ancient Indian art form which has been performed for generations not only in India, but the Middle East, Pakistan and in Africa as well.

Women in India traditionally painted henna on their hands and feet, insides of their arms and up their shins most often for a wedding, or other special occasion.

When it comes to natural beauty nothing will give away your age quicker than the condition of your hands. Let’s take a look at some tips to try and hold off the ravages of time.

* While we don’t particularly recommend the practice of mendhi for everyday USA, it would be helpful in covering up some of those age spots, wouldn’t it?

Try this tip. Apply vitamin E oil directly to the spots to fade the discoloration.

* There is also a product that’s been around since Grandma was a youngster. It’s called “porcelana” and women have credited it for removing age spots for decades.

* If you spend hours at a time on the computer, be sure you use a rest for your wrists. It will help ward off carpal tunnel syndrome.

* Your nails. Press on? Glue on? Paint on?

Natural beauty for your hands means that you can take your pick; there are nothing but choices out there. If you have your acrylic nails done in a nail salon, understand that you do so at your own risk!

It seems as though there is a nail salon on every corner in every city in the USA.

If the salon you are using does not replace or sanitize their instruments (files, nippers, brushes, etc.) between customers, run, don’t walk for the door. when trying out a new salon, arrive early for your appointment. If you are using a “walk in” shop, make certain you let someone go before you.

Sit or stand where you can “catch the action.” Pay close attention to how the nail tech prepares for the new client, watch carefully to make certain that he/she is skilled in the trade and does not accidentally break the skin especially if they haven’t sanitized their instruments.

You’ve got a lot at stake here. With the prevalence of AIDS, hepatitis and other diseases, you can’t be too careful.

If you see something that just doesn’t seem right, get up and leave. Try a more “upscale” shop next time.

* Do not file the corner of your fingernails. It weakens, causing them to break and crack.

* If your fingernails are brittle, it may be the soap you are using or a hand cream that is perfumed. Most perfumed hand creams contain alcohol which will dry the nails, causing them to become brittle.

* Are your nails cracked, brittle and breaking? Try drinking more water . . . yep. . . back to the water. At least 8 glasses a day . . .and that’s 8 ounce glasses.

* Combat dry and brittle nails by increasing your vitamin A and calcium.

* Have a problem hang nails? Try adding more protein to your diet. Throw in some folic acid and vitamin C as well.

* If you have white bands across your fingernails, you need more protein.

* Splitting nails can be reversed. Add some hydrochloric acid to your diet.

* Add more vitamin B12 to your daily vitamin regimen to help fight dryness.

* Got white spots on your nails? Try taking zinc.

* You need more liquids if you have cracks or cuts in the fingernails.

* Skin care tip: Do your hands feel like sandpaper? Soften them up with a coating of Vaseline then slip them into inexpensive cotton gloves. Do this just before bed and by the time you wake up in the morning, your hands will be silky smooth.

* Yes, they are awkward, but wear rubber gloves while cleaning.

Chemicals in the cleaning products are doing a number on your hands.

Eyebrows – The Key To Perfect Eyes and Natural Beauty

Even if you find eyebrows to have a minor importance or just an insignificant detail, you must know that they have an important role in each of ours physiognomies. Their shape and color influence a lot the expression and harmony of the face.

Make-up is perfect only if the eye-brows are carefully arranged and corrected if necessary, to fit the harmony of the whole face. It is recommended that the shape of the eyebrows to be corrected to fit the shape of your face. If you would rather do them yourself than go to an expert, here you will find some necessary information.

Just what are the qualities of perfect eyebrows for a face filled with natural beauty? 

First of all, every bit of your eyebrows must be equal and matched, they must be smooth and their color must be assorted to your face and eyes, not to unnatural hair color you have, but to the natural color your hair is supposes to be. If you feel you must change their color then you can go to a cosmetic salon and make them light brown if you are blonde or black if you are a brunette.

The eyebrows have three base points: the base – that is situated at the top of the nose, the middle- the most oblique part and the extremity. The perfect eyebrows are shaped as a comma, with the base of about 8mm and the extremity less thick of 2-3mm tops.

The extremity has to line up with the base. if your eyebrows don’t look like this, they should be corrected, and if they are too rare, then a special pencil will be used to fill the empty spaces. The color of the pencil must fit the one of your hair.

To have shiny, smooth eyebrows comb them every night and massage them with a face cream. Be careful when adjusting your eyebrows: eyebrows that are too thick darken the face, those too slim make you look astonished all the time.

Depending on the shape of your face: 

Round face: the eyebrows don’t need to be rounded and the correction has to be done as ascendant as possible. You will correct, going obliquely, the superior part of the base.

Square face: the eyebrows for this type of face are thick and horizontal. Therefore they need to be made less thick and their shape has to change.

Triangular face : the eyebrows must be oblique upwards and separated a little from the nose through correction

Diamond shaped face: the eyebrows will be corrected just a little, and made as oblique as possible.

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