Natural Weight Loss Nutrition Guide For The Body Ideal Weight

by Nikky Wates
(Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA)

“Exercise is king, nutrition is queen, but together you have the entire kingdom!” says renowned fitness expert, 94 year old Jack Lalanne.

For those health conscious people looking to shed unwanted, unhealthy pounds naturally, sometimes it can be difficult to keep our focus on the two essential pillars of weight loss, diet and exercise.

Fortunately, there are a few more natural weight loss tools available that will help meet your goals of healthy weight loss and a healthy body.

Natural Weight Loss Tool #1 – 
Green tea is a fantastic supplement not only for increasing weight loss but also as a cancer preventer, antioxidant provider, and it helps build stronger teeth. Green tea has been clinically proven to help burn fat and increase the metabolism.

Drinking a hot cup of green tea in the afternoon will also help you avoid the mid-afternoon munchies that plague many dieters. You can buy green tea for drinking, and it also comes in capsules for those who do not care for the taste.

Natural Weight Loss Tool #2 – 
The supplements glutamine and chromium are excellent for quickly banishing a carb craving. These supplements can be found at any healthy food store, or online at Vitacost.

Glutamine is an amino acid and chromium is a mineral. Take 500-1500 mg of glutamine in the early morning, before noon, in the afternoon, and also at bedtime if you wake up in the middle of the night for a snack.

Take 200 mg of chromium three times a day with your meal and also before bed. You will be amazed when you are no longer craving carbohydrates.

Natural Weight Loss Tool #3 – 
Kelp is a fantastic supplement that is packed full of healthful minerals including iodine which is essential for proper thyroid function.

The thyroid is a gland that is heavily involved in a healthy metabolism. If this gland is not receiving sufficient iodine it slows down and you will have a much harder time losing weight.

By feeding your body kelp you are getting some extra insurance for your thyroid as well as supplying your body with a spectrum of other important nutrients. Kelp can also be purchased in capsule form from Vitacost.

There is no reason why natural weight loss should not involve some extra supplementation to nourish your body and encourage a healthy metabolism.

At the end of your weight loss journey not only will you have a slimmer body, but a healthier one too.

These three weight loss tools will fill in nutritional gaps that dieting can often create.

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Updated: October 29, 2012 — 11:42 pm

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