Natural Sleep Remedies

Conventional Remedies


1. Chamomile Decaffeinated Tea: This tea has stress reducing properties and has been used for ages as a natural sleep remedy. Chamomile is known for its anxiety reducing properties to reduce mild insomnia. What’s equally encouraging about chamomile properties is that you don’t have to drink this tea daily to enjoy the benefits of a good night’s sleep. One cup can aid in relaxation and a great night’s rest. It’s important to note that your chamomile tea should be decaffeinated in that caffeine is a natural stimulant which will limit your ability to get good sleep.

2. White Noise: White noise scientifically is considered to be a random noise with a flat density, so how is this calming? Well a white noise can have comforting elements that don’t elicit specific brain responses which keep you awake- It typically has a constant pitch or sound. Many iPhone and blackberry mobile devices have white noise applications that you can set for a predetermined amount of time. White noise applications can be repetitive rain drops or a thunderstorm. These sounds can help lull you to sleep in that water specifically has been known to have especially soothing properties which elicit immediate relaxation and as a result, sleep.

3. Aromatherapy: For ages, people have used lavender as one of the most effective natural sleep remedies. Lavender, like chamomile, has stress reducing elements which help you get a great night’s sleep. Lavender can also be used in soaps, moisturizers and lotions to help provide the sensation that encourages rest and relaxation.

4. Stress Reduction: Instead of using teas and other aromatherapy oils to help reduce stress, one of the easiest natural sleep remedies is getting rid of stress directly. Exercise can be an excellent form of stress reduction, which includes taking those long walks to help clear your mind. Exercise not only increases your heart rate and burns calories, it also releases feel good hormones or endorphins. Endorphins reduce the perception of stress, so perhaps your bills don’t automatically go away, but you most likely will come away believing that all will be ok with a solid plan

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