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About the dangers of skin-bleaching, and highlight “natural” African beauty (James, 2009). The important criterion for participation in this pageant is natural, non-bleached skin. Although this pageant has taken a creative approach to re-

Stressed and damaged skin to recover its youthful radiance and as skin whitener of the sun Japanese Cosmetic House, for its Natural UV White, a UV protection, skin-whitener and skin-moisturizer (3 in 1) to be incorporated and activeness caused by a single ingredient,

Beautiful White: An Illumination of Asian Skin-Whitening Culture Elysia Pan April 2013 Under the supervision of Gennifer Weisenfeld, Department of Art, Art History & Visual and Media Studies Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the

Skin lightening products (also called skin brightening or fade products) are used to lighten skin tone, fade freckles, or get rid of age spots. Use of these skin creams can cause serious health problems including problems with the nervous sys-

Natural Skin Care Brands from Kathy allas GroupD The Company That Cares about your customer’s skin and hair! We have: skin. Face & Body • LA Skin Whitener – Brightens & evens pigment in skin • LA Mega-Softener – Anti-aging – softens

Skin Whitening in Asia & Beyond. Phoua. Xiong. Background. Information. Fast growing global phenomenon among young urban, educated women. White skin in some Asian countries predate colonialism and Western notions of beauty, and reinforced by European colonization to bring about the cultural and

Intermediate Restorations Restoration placed for a short term. Abraded Eroded Discolored with intrinsic stains Darkened after endodontic treatment Indications for Using a Tooth Whitener Indications for Procedure Extrinsic stains from foods, cigarette smoking, coffee,

All-natural skin whitener known to science. So get whiter skin the natural way with Godiva Natural Skin Care products. Now available through VMobile’s distributors, dealers and retailers. About Glabridin Phone: (02) 706-3818 to 19

THE MANA SPA Total wellness inspired in the islands most pampering spa. Following a healthful, holistic approach, The Spa natural exfoliater and skin whitener. This special wrap is rich with antioxidants like vitamins A and C, to moisturize, whiten and soothe the skin.

• Natural Alphahydroxy Acid (AHA) contained in sour milk • Gently exfoliates by increasing cellular turnover • Effective skin whitener in topical application Symglucan (Water, Glycerin, Beta-Glucan) • Protects against UV-damage

Peutic mask, give your skin a natural glow. Anti-Free Radicals Mask Treatment $28.00 Repair your skin while deeply nourishing and re-plenishing. This dramatic mask first warms allow- ing vitamins to penetrate your skin

Product “contains all natural ingredients, and does not contain any harmful ingredients that can be found in prescriptions,” some of Skin Whitener Anyone? was believed to have shot himself alongside his mistress, Eva Braun. Russian scientists

The aesthetic-emotional motives, skin whitener advertisements and uses a PIA (personal impact assessment) in a qualitative (2002) cites both the sexual and natural selection hypotheses as an explanation for the preference

Bioactives Derived from Ripe Corn Tassels: A Possible New Natural Skin Whitener, 4-Hydroxy-1-Oxindole-3-Acetic Acid John J. Wille1 and Mark A. Berhow2,* 1Bioderm Technologies, Inc., Chesterfield, NJ 08515 and 2Funtional Foods Research Unit, USDA, ARS, NCAUR,

Skin Treatment $ Curad Mediplast (Ward Remover) Irritable Bowel Care $ Bismatrol Max Strength Liquid $ Blistex Chap Stick $$ Fiber (Natural Flavor 130z) $ Burn Relief Aloe Gel 8oz $$ Acid Control 150mg $ Benzoyl Peroxide Gel 10% $$ Maalox

News about breast cancer In this issue You can make a difference A Naturopathic Doctor, or an ND, is the general practitioner of natural medicine. We help as she teaches us what to look for when buying cosmetics and skin care products! Dr.

Natural Skin Care Brands from Kathy allas GroupD The Company That Cares about your customer’s skin and hair! We have: skin. Face & Body • LA Skin Whitener – Brightens & evens pigment in skin • LA Mega-Softener – Anti-aging – softens

Skin: The Body’s Canvas1 If you took off your skin and laid it flat, it would cover an area of about 1.9 square meters (21 square feet), making it by far the body’s largest organ. Covering almost the entire body, skin protects us from a variety of external

CAMPO PEARL EXTRACT Novel carbon-dioxide lypolized water soluble extract of sea-pearl for novel skin care & skin whitening cosmetics Novel functional ingredients for

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