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Even now in the 21st century depression is something many people hide, deny and look at with shame. If we wear a sling for a broken arm we get empathy and sympathy but with depression, when our minds need mental slings and emotional support we tend to hide it. This is despite the fact that in amaerica alone it is estimated that between 1 in6 to 1 in 5 adults suffer with depression to some degree.
Depression in its most severe form can lead to self harm and even suicide so it is certainly not a subect to be taken lightly. If you do feel you have depression and it is not mild, impacting badly on your quality of life then you should consult a doctor too. You can use your natural therapies in conjunction with your medication until both you and your ohysician feel the time is right to cut back or cut off your medication. If your depression is mild then there is no reason why you cannot start trying some natural remedies now.

Diet is fundamental to the natural control of depression. Mental health is ust like physical health when it comes to nutrition. Eat well and your body will be in good shape. Eat well, get the right nutrients and minerals and your mind will be in good shape too. Getting supplements for amino acids is really important. The amino acids D, L-pheylalanine and L-tyrosine are a very definate alternative to antidepressant drugs.
Mineral and vitamin deficiency is often linked to depression and it is surprising what effect the right vitamins and minerals can have on the condition. Even if they do not effect your depression directly you will be contributing to your physical well being and overall well being.
Hypericum perforatum, commonly known as St Johns Wort, is a fantastic and well proven aid for mild to moderate depression, insomnia and anxiety. It is a common European flower that has been known for its positive effects on mental health for centuries. There have been a number of clinical trials that have proven it to be as effective as medication for mild to moderate depression and it is available on prescription in Germany as well as several other European nations. St Johns Wort is available as capsules from most health food stores and online. Like any supplement you should ensure you buy from a reputable manufacturer or retailer.
Ginko Biloba, whilst not a direct treatment of depression has been used to major effect in several cases. It does work on some of the factors that are responsible for depression and some studies are beginning to show that the Ginko has at times worked where other anti-depressants have failed. Like the St Johns Wort if you are going to use Ginko Biloba ensure it comes from a reliable source.
If you drink a lot of soft drinks and are worried about depression STOP! The sugar and additives in soft drinks will have a negative effect on you and not help you with your dietary control of depression. Research indicates that if you cut back on sugars and refined carbohydrates you can alleviate the symptoms of depression. Eliminate pasta, white bread and other processed foods and instead rely on wheat, grains and natural plant and vegetable sources for your sugars and carbohydrates. This will have a range of positive effects not only on the depression but on the entire body.
Sugar gives you a temporary high, as does caffeine in coffee but the kick is short term and the mind will soon return to its depressed state. Sugar and caffeine become like drugs that we crave and anytime we are ruled by a substance we cannot rule and thus heal ourselves.
Depression as mentioned can be a very serious disorder and should be dislocated from concepts of mood such as ‘happy’ and ‘sad’. It is debilitating, demanding and lowers the overall quality of life. Just remember there are things you can do that are natural, either on there own or in conjunction with medication that will help you in your battle with depression. A battle you can win.

Thanks for reading this article. I hope it has been of some use.

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