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Everyone is raving about essential oils these days.  Natural this and organic that.  I’ve got it.  The masses want natural stuff because apparently it’s good for you.  Apparently it boosts your immune system so much that you don’t get sick.  Apparently these essential oils are safe for adults and kids alike.  Is that even possible??  And if it is, how do you use them and how do you get them?  I was skeptical about all this so I looked into it. 


The Testing

I had to do some testing in order to get a good baseline so I went and got a hold of some oils.  Not just any oils but Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.  These are the best kind because they have no fillers and no additives and they are the most pure on earth.

After some serious research and human testing (on myself, don’t worry) I can honestly say that it is all possible.  Essential oils helped me sleep better, they have kept me healthier and they have even helped me lose weight.   I know, it still doesn’t make sense but scientists much smarter than I am are finding more and more that essential oils can help everyone in some way or another. 

So should you use essential oils?  It is up to you I guess.  If you want to stop using chemicals and over the counter medicines to make your ailments disappear, then you need to start using essential oils as soon as you can and the sooner the better.  Most likely your body needs them right now because we all have issues the oils can take care of right away.   If you want to keep using the fabricated over the counter drugs, that is up to you but just know that there is a proven method that works faster and costs less.


What Are The Proven Benefits Of Essential Oils?


There are no adverse reactions

Most oils are safe for children

You will not become dependent on them after prolonged use

They act quickly and are less expensive than everyday pharmaceuticals

They are not manufactured in a laboratory and are all natural

And many more


These benefits are priceless.  They can save you money and time.  We all get sick.  That is a part of life.  But what if you were only sick for 2 days instead of a week?  Isn’t that worth looking into something better on its own?  It was for me and that is why I am using essential oils now.  My family uses them and practically everyone I know uses them, and they use them because they work, hands down.


So what if you don’t’ want natural stuff?  Let’s say you want stuff synthetically made in factories and laboratories and that you want to put that into your body and suffer with side effects.  That is fine.  Just know this one thing:  Natural medicines and manufactured drugs do not heal your body.  Your body is the only thing that can heal your body.  It recognizes natural products, accepts them and uses them wherever they are needed. 


The Key Point

To be more healthy you need to find something that boosts your body’s ability to heal itself and pharmaceuticals do not do that.  Essential oils do that.   


If you want to learn more about essential oils, you need to do your research!  Visit essential oils online for more information. 


You can also learn more about long-term solutions and fantastic health benefits Here. 

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