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It turns out that the regenerative powers of milk baths aren’t just old wives’ tales. All milk, including the hot, new beauty ingredient goat’s milk, contains proteins and lactic acids that can soothe and soften the skin for some people. There’s also a theory that milk’s biologically active growth factors can actually make skin cells act younger than they are. As you age, the cell-growth process ages as well, resulting in skin that’s flakier and takes longer to heal. There’s some speculation that the growth factors in milk communicate with the skin cells to help them grow more efficiently and youthfully.

Goat’s milk offers even more benefits than its bovine cousin. Not only is it less allergenic than cow’s milk, but it has more minerals and vitamin A and B and is rich in shorter-chain fatty acids, which balance pH and increase absorption of milk fat. In addition, it’s believed that because the nutrients in goat’s milk have a smaller particle size than those of its counterpart, they can be more readily absorbed into the skin. Hence, choose products that contain goat’s milk and liven up your cream of mushroom soup with chunks of goat cheese. You will definitely notice the wonderful difference in no time at all. Plus, there are so many affordable products out in the market right now. Check out your nearest health store and groceries for this.

There are also those that prefer seaweed. Some even claim that this is the best of all inside-out skin foods because it’s the only substance on earth that has the same mineral ratio as human plasma. This characteristic makes seaweed easily absorbable through the skin, as long as it’s broken down into tiny, micronized particles. Several studies have revealed that the minerals and vitamins in seaweed extracts can slow down the signs of aging. When these are found in skin topical, you now have all the ingredients to give collagen and also give the skin proven plumping and firming actions that make irritating acids and exfoliants obsolete.

Seaweed can pull some toxins and heavy metals out of the body. This is probably the reason why seaweed wraps have become so popular because the slim in them produces an emollient effect, adding moisture to skin and hair. When this is taken internally, this is a good source of skin-fortifying omega-3s and boost iodine levels, which may help prevent the thin, dry skin and hair loss associated with iodine-related hypothyroidism. As for your diet, you can simply sprinkle kelp and dulse flakes, spiked with garlic and onion powder, on any dish in place of salt.

There are so many products out in the market right now, but sometimes, you have to veer away from the conventional to find the best solutions to your anti-aging dilemma. These are products of Mother Nature herself, and you can be sure that these are safe. When it comes to skin care, numerous studies have proven that organic is still the best way to go. Turn to what has been given to you naturally.

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Updated: August 26, 2013 — 3:52 pm

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